Scope of low sec and FW

What if FW plexes where added to support small gang warfare. Not only restricting hull size but numbers like say only four members of each militia are allowed. And nuets can’t enter.

What if x amount of kills in a site is how it is capped not time

What about ip locks so that like with alpha accounts you can’t have a caldari and a galente fw account active at the same time

?? Disscussion

Looks like you thought ahead to a work around in leaning a conflict to your teams favor by reducing the enemy count via alts.

As for the second one. I know a group of roommates that used their 2nd living room like a pc game room, all their desks in the same room and obviously using the same ISP. Your restriction would heavily impact such a circumstance.

I left low-sec / FW because it was very empty unless you want to sit in novice plexes in a T1 frig waiting people in faction / pirate frigs to arrive to gank you.

Limiting certain plexes to small gangs would be a great idea and could be easily done. You just have to let a max of 2 gangs/fleets into the plex, and anyone solo or not in a fleet would count for 1 gang by themselves.

Using kills for capping is unfortunately exploitable, and also it means you can’t cap unless anyone turns up to fight you so you could be waiting forever. Personally I would like to see cappable points restricted to a “front line” of a handful of systems (like 2-3), so that everyone in FW is concentrated into one area where there will be tons of fighting. Right now the small number of people in FW are spread very thinly.

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