FW better than ever

Since Ive returned I noticed alot less players. But this seems to be mainly in highsec and null. Lowsec on the other hand is booming. Gone are the massive gatecamps at every corridor. There seems to be way more solo pilots and small gangs roaming now.

But the mechanics of FW still could be tweaked as well as fixing citadels. I would like to see capitals directed towards fw. Better than BS but smaller and cheaper than current caps. Im coming up on training for caps but they really have to use in fw. Battleships are very rare even after the patch. They mainly used in neutral gangs. They may be more common if they were micro capitals to support them…

What role would you like to see caps play in FW?

Micro dread would be nice. Thats a start.

So a Marauder?


Yes, but what role would it serve? I feel like fw is built around small gang and even solo work. Especially with plex mechanics. Do you want a plex size for only dreads? Dread duels? What function would dreads serve in fw as you see it?

level 5 type missions perhaps but rather than multiple rats only a handful of larger ‘navy’ ones?
or maybe just random naval spawns that require a cap to hit it and give dank facwar lp?

No and no… dreads cost too much. So do marauders. A tier 1 bs is under 200 mil. No one says you have to put 100 mil of shiny mods on it. A micro cap could cost 600 mil. Problem with current caps is fw corps bat phoning nullsec blocks to cap escalation. Now if i had a 600 mil mini dread with 50 mil of mods on it to bash a ihub. I really wouldn’t be so paranoid to undock it in a small gang. A mini carrier could supply a small gang with drone fighters in a plex. Thus being a combat multiplier.

Even thinking out of the box. An ewar micro cap that shrouds shiptypes from dscan and all scanners within a 30km bubble. Has a ship hanger to carry ammo. Thats affordable.

In my opinion the balance of current mechanics is more delicate than you realize. Introducing the changes you suggest would create a large shift in the meta with many unforeseen consequences.

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I’m a former fac warfare pilot and I’m going to say adding caps to fac warfare would be bad. The reason I went into fac warfare is I was a new pilot and I wanted to get into small gang PvP that wasn’t piracy (no offense to pirates, just not what I wanted). Fac warfare offered that. It was PvP that mattered without being an F1 pilot once I get battleship skills.

Creating a mechanic for capitals would change one of the key aspects of Faction Warfare.

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