Oligopolies and monopolies destroying Eve

Few big players/corps occupies all profitable places in Eve and other player/corps do not have profitable places. This concentration makes the game uninteresting to all other players/corps and a reduced number of potential subscribers. It’s time for Roosevelt at Eve Online to break the existing monopoly and limit the maximum sizes, so that monopolies in the future will not cope with the growth and enjoyment of new players/corps.

DISCLAMER: I know that this initiative will endanger a lot of private interests of people who live at the expense of Eva and Eve players, and that if they launch a general attack off their trolls on me, I will not even respond to all these attacks.

Oï !
First of all : I am NOT affiliated to any of those “big” entities you’re talking about, like The Imperium or the Northern Coalition.

Your proposal was always asked, and burned down to the ground. What you are asking here is to litteraly limit the game for players that managed to build the great things EVE became known for, creating content everyday, as much for the inside than the outside.

Technically speaking, a corporation is already limited in size, by how much skill points the CEO invested in the Corporation Management category. But what you’re demanding will never happen. Destroying big entities on the behalf of smaller ones will just piss off A LOT of players, resulting in even more permanant leaves from the game. And that’s really not what we need right now.

Sorry mate, your idea was doomed from the start. However, nothing stop you from trying to gather people yourself, to take potshots at the Imperium spud brains and AFK ratters in their expensive carriers. Maybe one day you’ll be the one to raise the armada evicting one of those big entities ?

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Coalitions are not official game structures yet players built them and run them.
How can you prevent this?
Short version is you can’t, so there is no point to trying to mechanically limit people.

As for @Sasha_Viderzei Don’t be silly. The big null players all date back to the very first years of EVE, and have 15 years of building tools, accumulating resources and such. No new group has EVER managed to present a military challenge to any of the big old groups. The only way the big old groups have gone down has been to internal sabotage from another of those very old players which then results in a merger of their assets into the remaining groups. Which makes them even more entrenched and even harder to take down.
Telling people to “Make your own group and take them own” is either one of the most dishonest lines possible in EVE, or shows utter naivety as to what goes on behind the scene in EVE>.


We have yet to see a real try.

Yeah, it is same effort like try to dethrone facebook :rofl:

Make friends. Not alts.

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It’s less than 2 years since the Imperium was kicked out of the north - they weren’t unbeatable. In Delve, they embraced the new industrial paradigm and have come back stronger than ever. Major coalitions like Legacy and Dead & Co didn’t exist 2 years ago and composition changes as alliances move around.

The big players are also responsible for the signature content in Eve. It takes enormous wealth to send thousands of ships into battle and replace the losses.

The big players tend to focus on sovereign nullsec - which leave a lot of Eve open to smaller entities.

They were kicked out by RMT money funding another group of equally old players.
No one has said that they are unbeatable. Just the only people who can realistically beat them have equal time of resource accumulation.
Sure coalition names change, break and form, but the players are the same. Not some mythical new players forming a coalition. Just migrations happening.

Bwahahaha, Eve is uninteresting unless you have access to the most profitable places. :rofl:

The work, time and effort to fight for, build and secure these ‘places’, is uninteresting to all players/corps. Please CCP take what people have spent years in game working for away from them and hand it out to us one month old characters.


Welcome to the Player-run sandbox of EVE

You’re basically just crying because there are bigger and richer fish in the sea :joy:

Welcome to a world in which it is the players job and right to break those oligopolies and monopolies, economically, socially or militarically. It’s the name of the game so to say.

The butterfly effect trailer implies this as well as the Causality trailer.

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