Suggestion: Rework of alliances and the diplomatic system

Hello Fellow pilots.

Do you need content? Did you know the reason why you dont have pvp is standing right in front of you? It is because of the size if your alliance and coalition. Think about it. There is what, 5-7 super powers (serious coalitions) in eve atm? Some of which have hit what i like to term as “Immortality” powers, where they really have no way of dying out side of their own desire to keep going.

There is a massive disparity of power in eve, and its time we did something about it. I suggest the following changes be made to bring about a “breaking up” of the entities and a removal from us on “rail road tracks”.

Corporate Changes

Base Corporate Max population is now set to 50.
Corporate management will now increase the max population by 10 per a level. (+50)
Mega Corporation Will now increase the max population by 50 per a level (+250)
The new cap of corporations will now be set to 350.

Alliance Changes

Empire Control and sovereignty has been removed from eve skills.
Allegiances will be added to the game.
Allegiances will now dictate the maximum number of allies an alliance can have at a time.
The base amount of maximum corporations an alliance can have will now be set to 10
This will cap an alliances max population at 3500 players.

Diplomatic Changes

Declaration of war currently has a cost to maintain. In a similar capacity, Declaration of peace will now have a monthly upkeep cost of isk based on the size of the other entity, and how much space they control and how many allies (declaration of peace) you currently have. the more it has, the higher the tax.

When either standing is set, the two entities will automatically place each other on the standing list and grow in their direction (either to a negative standing or positive)

When an alliance (or corporation) declares another a rival, they will gain negative rating each month, gradually setting them red (-10)

When an alliance (or corporation) declares another a friend, they will gain positive rating each month, gradually gaining a value of (+10).

+1 to +4.9 will display as light blue
+5 to +10 will display as dark blue
-1 to +1 will display as neutral
-1 to -4.9 will display as orange
-5 to -10 will display as red.

Additional changes

“not standing and 0 standing have been consolidated into a single option in overview settings”.
“alliance and corporation tag options have been removed from the over view”

Given that a loose collection of corps and alliances that is Providence uses a simple 3rd party app to help determine who is Red and shootable and coalitions aren’t even in-game concepts, what makes you think other groups won’t circumvent your idea using out of game tools?

That said app depends on the overview. What Cva does, does not involve larger scale battles which takes place from the super powers like cfc, nc. drf, tri, test, etc.

In the end if only a few people are blue, and the majority are neut, the overview not providing alliance/orp tags, it will be a logistical nightmare to manage any form of coordinated attacks, and the only foreseeable work around causes the exact effect that the system is to brng about (1v1 alliance fights).

Do you think cva’s work around is not the only one to come in the history of eve? And do you think that i had not considered how people will work around it? The truth is the overview is key to coordination of fleet battles and the loss of tags there in would be highly destructive to larger entities in eve, specifically for larger scale battle.

So you want to elimnate features that have lead to the best press for eve such as the 3000+ people battles? Why? Yes the fights can be a TiDi grind but what other gan3 can even boasts of fights that big?

I think it was querns originally told me that standings were added because a certain group started using an overlay in battles so they could have multiple fleets fighting together efficiently. Do stuff like this and that software becomes needed again.

The large coalitions exist because most players want their sandcastle and they want more ganks than real fights. Players want to afk mine with their rorqual and rat with their super so they’ve done their best to make pacts and politic a spot on the map to be able to do just that.

As far as wardecs i’d gladly pay concord a fee to end a wardec

Yes, that is correct. Goons originally started to swap the icons of characters with custom red or blue star ions. This allowed them to see in local who is hostile or friendly.

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