Suggestion: Diplomacy and Alliance Upgrades

Hello pilots and developers,

I am back with a suggestion on the rework of diplomacy in eve.

  • Remove Standings System

Removing this system will allow us to set up treaties and pacts. These will allow the system to be cleaner, and more easily understood.

  • Implement treaties

now we implement a treaty system that will help improve the lore and role play, player narrative, and cleanliness of the system.


Friendly Treaties

  • Open Borders (Allows docking rights to a station. this sets the target light blue)
  • Economic Treaty (Allows access to industrial, refinery, and use of the market, this sets the targets medium blue)
  • Military Treaty (Allows access to fitting, repair, jump bridges etc this sets the targets dark blue)

jb’s will be displayed if you are allied to another faction on the map, currently they only display your alliances, but with this change will display all allied jb

Hostile Treaties

  • Non-interaction treaty (reject the hostile empires rights to dock, etc. Sets the target yellow)
  • Declared Rival (rejects all access to space, and causes all stations, posts, etc to auto attack on sight, sets the target orange)
  • War (Target) The above treaties but flash red.

Alliance Taxes

  • Add an alliance based tax percentage. we can work this a few ways, so let me make two suggestions
  1. The alliance tax rate consumes the tax rate of corporations. So, if a corporation has 10% tax, and the alliance has 5%, then 5% go’s to both. however, if an alliance has 10% and the corp has 10%, then the alliance gets all 10%.

  2. the second option is to make the tax separate of corporate tax, and add it onto the current tax working the same way. (so if both are at 5%, the alliance will gain 5% and the corp 5%).

Alliance logistics

  • Add the creation of an alliance based wallet
    A third tab in wallet will now display an alliance wallet

Alliance Settings

  • Create a permissions tab for the alliance. This will now display the following ranks. Corporate Official, Diplomat, Fleet commander, Executor, Member. Each rank will apply specific default standings which can be edited. these include
  • ability to access alliance wallets
  • ability to vote for alliance polls
  • ability to access alliance hangers
  • Add alliance section for division stash in the station list under the corporate list.

  • The alliance will now have a permissions tab, which allow the executor to set permissions based on title rank given, or individual member. in the case of members, the alliance leader can use a search character option, like what is done for a channel admin search / add character.

  • Voting can now be launched by ceo’s, directors, or members of the alliance

Gui improvements

  • The sov system will now display a map that shows the locations much like the regular map. This will also display other options like

  • Fuel time (displays the remaining time until depleted)

  • Station component search (options to look for specific upgrades)

  • alliance member docks in a system per a day, month

  • alliance member jumps, docked in system

  • corporation offices in system

the corporation member tab will now display members in a “Block” format, with their logo, sort of like cards stack on top of each other that are square. this will create a more graphically appealing layout and make it easier to locate corporations. Additionally, each picture can be clicked on to pull up more detailed information.-

  • Player activity. This displays information about how many people in a corporation have logged in, in the last day, week or month. the time can change. it will look something like
    " 32 out of 172 members of this corporation have logged in today"

  • corporate capital count by class
    "This corporation has 15 capitals, and 32 super capitals"

In addition to similar types of statistics for the member corporations, the alliance will also provide basic information for things like members, and financials in another tab.

These are the start of some of the idea’s for upgrades on this system. will look into more feedback on it.

One of the uses of the standings system is that is used for personal standing as well. If you remove it, then people that set standing individually (ie just one player) can no longer do so. This seems like it could be implemented without removing standing. Which could work (in theory). Essentially, standing would be for individual players and treaties and pacts for organizations.

Also: would this also include settings for the overview? As it stands now, standings have a large impact on who/what is seen on the overview.

Yes, as mentioned with the blue orange standings etc. so the overview should for the most part remain the same.

OP forgets that one of the changes coming in 2 weeks is overview icons that display whether or not an Upwell structure’s owner has you on the ACL for docking. Additionally, if you open the info window of said structure, it’ll also tell you what services you’d have access to.

Also, in order they’re suggested in:

  • Docking rights have nothing to do with standings on their own, and everything to do with ACLs (I could be neutral and still tether/dock in your structures if your alliance management thought I was important enough)
  • ACLs can manage these just damn fine on their own (if not already, it’s something that can be far more easily implemented than this shit show)
  • See above
  • JB changes are a moot point, eventually they’re going to be overtaken by the Upwell Gates. So dont mind when we emphatically say “■■■■ legacy code” (huh, you can italicize the censor, who knew?)
  • If your ACLs are managed correctly, anyone NOT BLUE (1.0-10.0) is already told to ■■■■ off by your structures
  • Structures dont have the ability to automatically attack anyone, they must be manned
    • POS already have an option to be set to attack targets automatically based on standings and war status
    • Also, ‘stations’, also known as outposts are soon going to be turned into Upwell structures anyways, and never had guns fitted to them in the first place. So… they cant shoot ■■■■
  • Pretty sure war targets are treated as -5/-10 by the game in the background to begin with. And if you’re at war at someone, are you really dumb enough to set them +1-10?
  • Simply put, ■■■■ your alliance tax idea. If my alliance wants my isk, they can have the balls to come to me or my ceo and say “hey, we charge dues for corp memberships at such and such rates, payable monthly.”
  • See above.
  • The “alliance wallet” is synonymous with the wallet of the executor corporation, which is often a shell corporation made and used exclusively to manage alliance bills.

For the rest? Can you share what you’re smoking? It’s been a hellish day at work.

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