Eve Character Scenes - The 4 Main Factions

Some of you may remember about 8 months ago I posted a thread about going on a Character Creation spree. In that thread I also included this Eve Character Scene featuring 3 of my characters as a Tribal Liberation Force team.

Well, since that time I’ve been learning, experimenting and working on creating other scenes. I’ve now basically completed an Eve Character Scene for each of the 4 main Factions. The main idea behind this was to create scenes depicting different career opportunities currently available in New Eden. Each scene features race specific characters wearing NES Apparel items with their main weapon of choice.

Now I’m not a professional graphics artist, this is just something I recently started doing in my spare time. So without further ado, here’s the 4 main Factions Eve Character Scenes.


Not bad! Was it lots of work to get the hands done?


This guy looks like a young Emmet Brown!

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Yeah, the scenes were created with the characters in-game portraits so adding the hands and weapons was a lot of work…

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Nice. Have you tried using your skills for making money, finding jobs on freelancer websites or otherwise?

I’ve just recently started learning how to work with graphics manipulation so no, I’m not qualified to do that as a profession.

That’s the fun part. Most of those people, who offer their talents, aren’t. They’re just talented. Talent comes from dedication and continuous improvement. The biggest hurdle I’ve observed when it comes to taking freelancer jobs online is the idea that one is not good enough and that problems will arise after failing to deliver a work. That, though, to my own past disblief, is not the case!

What I’m saying is that when you’re good at it, and your dedication to it indicates that you are, then giving it a try definitely doesn’t hurt.

Keep up the good work!

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