Eve - community or sandbox

Eve is in front of a big question and have to find the right answer.

Whether it’s Eve community or sandbox. So far, everyone has claimed that Eve Sandbox is where everyone comes to play and they are great fun. In fact, it was argued that some of the bullies had infiltrated the game of good children who were trying to play there. The CCP has been openly supporting such a situation because it was a cheap solution as investors waited for the buyer to sell the company. In the meantime, all additional projects ( Vypire game, Dust, VR and so on) have fallen apart, and investors have had nothing to offer to customers except Eve online. All that’s left is Eve sandbox and his IP. For the last 15 years, Eve sandbox was a placeholder and he just figured out as one of CCP’s projects and till now no one cared about how Eve was unsuccessful.

Though Eve had tremendous potential, he ended up as a dull set of strange interests: bullies who have spawned complexes and violence on new and weaker players, strange interwoven interests of big corporations and booters, the developer’s aspirations to add great things to the CV instead of adding a good gameplay to the game, weird industry and gray Jita transactions that cross all normal limits… . It ended so that everyone got something from Eve and nobody put anything serious into it, complete chaos in the sandbox!

Common sense says this is no longer a viable situation because the force that had kept Eve on the surface “just to survive until sold” disappeared.

Eve is in today’s situation that Eve is exhausted and needs support from all together to keep up and survive. Eve no longer needs a ferocious war all against all, war where is Eve’s most injured and was the greatest victim.
Eve today needs a community that will work together to create and build a new and better Eve, and the first step is to made by the CCP by setting rules that will enable it.

CCP, it is your call !!!

EVE = Game + Book + Art. + TV + Life

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Dear CCP. Please make the holes bigger.


Eve is supposed to be a harsh universe, that’s why most of the players i know play this game. Because it’s a challenge and you don’t get everything spoon feed like in most other games. That makes the little victorys you achive then and when more meaningful. That feeling when you finaly get your revenge on that guy that ganked you a while ago… :smiley:

And i have to break a lance for the community here:

The myth that eve is full of bullies comes mostly from players that play solo in a sandbox, never really cared to engaged with the community and would play it offline if that was an option. The other players are just a nuisance for them.

Most of eve players are really fun and helpful people if you approach them in a nice (!) way and don’t spam profanities in chat if you get shot once in a while. There are allways exceptions, but they are a minority.


It’s not a binary choice and those two issues are unrelated.

It’s a sandbox game played by a playerbase that has a strong sense of community.


I would suggest that the strongest sense of community is among those who accept the sandbox nature of EVE, from the empire builders in Delve to the space-hippies of Signal Cartel (being the ones I have experienced).

Because there is no way there can be a community with the %^$#^%# sandbox griefers!!!111!!


Someone is still mad for losing their Noctis?

What is really killing eve are people like you, who don’t fully understand eve or what makes eve actually worth playing compared to other games. Yet, you still make corps and recruit people, indoctrinating your newbros to play eve a certain way, only so you can profit yourself with your 12% corp tax.

Face it, you are a parasitic predator. Probably much more harmful to the game than those you call “bullies”.

If all those 181 members are your alts, then report for bots?

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A very strange community with one very familiar name from the old forums.

Hey OP, looks like CCP has listened to you and made what you asked for. Because as you constantly remind us it’s 2018 and no longer 2003 and the market has changed.

But you will have to go where the mainstream actually is and leave the crusty old EVE Online PC game behind.

Go with the times and enjoy the new EVE Echoes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw6BcQtszj0 on mobile.

(Please clap)

Kuba Ganowski


EVE = Game + Book + Art. + TV + Life

:+1: + Good player fiction + Math + Voice comms chums + Corp buds + Drunk fleets w/ or w/o singalongs + Impetus for blogging, podcasting, and youtubing + Meta personalities and social schmoozing + Inevitable boredom, if you don’t either pop your head up and check out either the community or some other part of the sandbox

There. FTFY /thread :wink:

it is a saltbox


And BTW, CCP has a new boss who is not interested in stupid comments on the forum and Falcon’s vision “what players want”. The new boss began reading the hard data and making decisions based on them.

Example Number One: WarDec Reduces the Number of New Players, WarDec has been changed immediately and very soon will be removed …
More to come soon… :blush:

Actually I just watched the keynote and they will rework the wardec system and are planing for a release early next year. If they wanted to remove it they would have done that already.

Sad bear, what will you do now?

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@ISD_Fractal OP is a previously banned player who is evading with a close spelling of his last banned players name.

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