The sandbox is dying

A company which shall remain nameless is institutionalizing EVE online. (Thank you spell checker)

They are cutting up the game and slapping a label on each activity and turning it into an on rails experience.

There is little for the player to discover on his own anymore. Just open the opportunities tab or the AIR career program and there the game is.

Is this is a good thing? I don’t think so because they’re basically turning the whole game into a tutorial. Lets discuss or not. :slight_smile:

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The game is a sandbox for 15 people that run nullsec and the 3 people that own 95% of all Highsec POCOs.

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The real sandbox is at CCP and we are their assets they play with.

…Ive said too much.

I don’t know if I should just flag this for trolling/unconstructive discussion here…

Nothing productive to society is in what OP just typed out.

Your def of “dying” and my def of “dying” are very different. Along with CCP’s def of “dying”

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Meh, so there’s some new daily Opportunities if one feels so inclined. It’s not like it’s popping up on the screen on undock…

The sanbox maybe dying but there’s enough sand left. All I need is my venture and I can keep mining until the end of time or server shutdown, whichever comes first.

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