Eve DB query

Hi there, I’ve come back to doing stuff with the eve db dump after a long hiatus from playing around with it and have pretty much forgotten more than I currently know.

I’m hoping someone can help me as this is starting to drive me crazy. Is there a table in the eve db dump that lists what power slot a mudule is fitted to? I’ve been looking for ages and I can’t seem to see anything. I know getting this info is done through elaborate join queries but I’m stumped as to what table to draw that info from. For instance, a Stasis Webifier II is a midslot item, where in the DB is that attribute listed for the module and how would I query it to get the result I need?

any insight on this is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You are looking for the Dogma (dgm) tables. dgmEffects will tell you what each effect is/does, and dgmTypeEffects will be where you will find the effects that each type has.

You will see dgmEffects and dgmAttributes, the best way I can find to explain the difference there is that Effects are all boolean, the type either has them or it doesn’t (such as the slot required) whereas attributes have associated values (such as ammo capacity).