SDE(?) citadel rig question

Given a rig, is there a way to find out what typeIDs it has an effect on? I can probably figure out the SQL, just not sure what tables hold the data. dgmTypeAttributes and TypeEffects don’t seem t have it (using Fuzzysteve’s export). I’m going to work it backwards, if I want to build an item and I know which rigs I have access to, I want to get the station that I need to build the item in (I have manually collected the rig info).

@Steve_Ronuken Can you take a quick break from working on your new new home? :slight_smile: Can you give a thumbs up or down on whether it is possible to find out the scope of a rigs effects? Even better if you have some pointers :smile: I saw the same basic question in the old forums but it didn’t have an answer either and the dogma explanation in the third party docs seemed to get oh so close to but not quite enough to get me over the roadblock.

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