API Rigs Data

Is there data in the API (or elsewhere) that shows which Group ID’s are adjusted by the different structure rigs?

Hoping I don’t have to manually go through the all the Group ID’s to figure it out (but I will if I have to >.>)

I’m afraid you have to do it manually.

This is all you have for one rig :

attributeengrigcostbonus: 1
attributeengrigmatbonus: -2.0
attributeengrigtimebonus: -20
canfitshipgroup01: 1657
canfitshipgroup02: 1404
canfitshipgroup03: 1406
hisecmodifier: 1.0
hp: 40.0
id: 43707
lowsecmodifier: 1.899999976158142
marketGroup: 2348
mass: 200.0
maxgroupfitted: 1
name: Standup L-Set Advanced Small Ship Manufacturing Efficiency I
nullsecmodifier: 2.0999999046325684
packagedVolume: 20.0
portionSize: 1
published: true
radius: 100.0
requiredskill1: 26252
requiredskill1level: 1
rigsize: 3
securitymodifier: 1
structureitemvisualflag: 1
techlevel: 1
upgradecost: 100
volume: 20.0

group 1657 is citadel .

Maybe you can have them on the effect of the rig …

Uff, there goes the rest of 2023 for me then. I appreciate the help though :slight_smile:

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