Eve echoes has no forum and good luck with discord

This is unbelievable!!! Im literally stating issues that are wrong with this game. Eve is already a grinder no reason to throw a pay wall on it. So it started as a good beta then we got a Chinese crapshoot!!! Why is this allowed??? Multiples of the same ships only slightly better. Half of the original eve online functions are now being Re-implemented even tho they were working just fine in beta. No actual role or job diversity. Its more like you made a character, here try to do everything, instead of choosing a role or job. The drone thing… i have a terrible feeling that they are going to push this because of pvp… down the line they probably will come out with some super over powered and super over priced drones that are meant for pvp… basically a pay to win drone… and that leads me to the next thing they made their own faction with ships… i noticed that they deal maxed out kenetic and explosive damage… why is there even a ship like that??? I probably missed a few things but these are the things that upset me about Eve Echoes. If I missed it, please add to the topic. I just wanted eve online on my phone not some BS Moblie game that sutters to new comers. I had to learn, so should they! Its pretty bad when an Avid Gamer Says the “Beta” is better than the actual game.

People will literally throw money at garbage and trash as long as it dances for them.

This is not the only example of games going down hill. But this is disgusting by all means.


Still isn’t the Eve Echoes forums. Knock it off. First warning.

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