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(Alaxen) #1

The Fanfest page was finally updated and with it the partners’ page.


It mostly looks like a cut and paste from last year, and like last year it says “Icelandair offers special rates on a variety of packages for airfare and accommodations for EVE Fanfest 2018.

Did someone forget to tell Icelandair they were partners? As far as I can tell there are no “special rates” this year. You get the same rates as you would do if you went through the main site.

(Alaxen) #2

In fact, if I book return flights and 4 nights at Canopy it comes to 1,121 GBP. If I book the same independently through the Icelandair and Canopy websites it comes to 962.50 GBP.

(NickyYo) #3

Always wanted an excuse to go to Iceland, now I have it! But that price??.. You flying from UK? how much you think it would be excluding fanfest tickets? for 2 nights?

(Alaxen) #4

You should probably have a look at the website.

(NickyYo) #5

Tried but comes back with an error ‘Cannot find any flights’ just thought you might have an idea, doesn’t matter then. I’ll look at booking directly.

(Joan Maetsuycker) #6

wat is the cheapest way to get in Iceland, is this with plane or are there great deals to make with a boat/ferry from GB or Denmark,

(Steve Ronuken) #7

Coming in from Glasgow, flights were on the order of £200 return with icelandair

This is very dependent on when you’re flying though. Flights sell out on economy, and the economy comfort class is more expensive.

There are also easy jet flights.

(NickyYo) #8

How much you see hotels for? I wonder if it’s cheaper to share with people… :blush:

(xxxTRUSTxxx) #9

it is, get an apartment that sleeps 8 grab mates split the price, done it a few times and ya save a lot, plus the apartments are top notch, wide screen tv, music system, internet, and kept real clean, and if ya book early you’ll get some real close to the harpa center. well worth looking into, i think i used red apple apartments, i think.

(Prt Scr) #10

flights from UK just over £60 return with Easyjet atm

(Steve Ronuken) #11

With no luggage, right?

(Oriella Trikassi) #12

Try WOW:
I used them to fly UK to USA return to see the eclipse with a connection in Iceland. No frills but luggage is included!

(Sonya Corvinus) #13

I am in Iceland ATM (not EVE related), flew from the US on WOW airlines, they are really good prices, but luggage is not included. All that’s included is your personal item under the seat in front of you. Checked bags as well as a carry on in the overhead bin are extra charges.

If you fly with multiple people, reserving seats so you can sit together is an extra charge as well. Hard to complain in spite of all that though, round trip non stop flight from the US to iceland for $350 USD.

(Oriella Trikassi) #14

I stand corrected - I got my tickets via a third party website and they must have been offering a luggage included deal.

(CMDR-HerpyDerpy Hurishima) #15

Wonder how much it would cost to fly to iceland from Victoria Australia?
Whatever the cost, i wouldn’t be able to afford it :stuck_out_tongue:

(NickyYo) #16

We’re gamers, we don’t need luggage!

(Sonya Corvinus) #17

After being here for almost a week, god help you if you come to Iceland and don’t pack waterproof boots, a rain jacket, and multiple changes of clothes for when it starts spontaneously raining out of nowhere. Walking to the monument today, the weather changed about 17 times in the 5 hours I was out walking around

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