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(Brian Pokladek) #1

So I’ve bought my ticket for fanfest. This will be my first time in Iceland. Does anyone here with some experience of the area have recommendations on things to see or how to do it? I plan on taking a few days before fan fest to just be a tourist. I’m not an experienced hiker but that is my interest.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #2

if you are hiking around DO NOT TOUCH THE MOSS!!! yes its pretty, yes it looks super soft (and I’m sure it is) but it is also super fragile and they are insanely protective of it!

besides that, I’d recommend the black sand beach (just don’t go near the water, the riptide is serious there), and the museum of witchcraft if museums are your thing. there is also the penis museum that is somewhat infamous simply for being a thing that exists. and since your there for fanfest, you will probably want to check out the eve monument.

I would recommend renting a vehicle, because IMO there isn’t actually a massive amount to see in reykjavik itself, and your gonna be stuck there through all of fanfest so will have plenty of time to see the sites within the city. if you have a few extra days, take that time to get outside of it.

(Brian Pokladek) #3

Yea, the EVE monument I kinda had that lumped in with Fanfest weekend. Having input on renting a car or not is appreciated, thanks. Was kind of wondering if taking guided hiking tours would be worth it or if hiking trails around hills/lower mountains would be clear enough to navigate solo.

(ITTigerClawIK) #4

don’t call there horses pony’s… they absolutely hate that XD

apart from that golden circle tour was fantastic when i went to fanfest many years ago.

(Durhur Atruin) #5

I’d honestly avoid the Golden Circle tour these days, personally. It tends to be very crowded. Most of the tourists seem to end up in a very small area around those places.

If you want to do hiking, and see nature and whatnot, I’d recommend flying over to Akureyri or Egilsstadir and find places around there to do that.

(Steve Ronuken) #6

The reason they’re protective of the moss:

That’s how you get soil. Soil isn’t just broken down rocks. It’s mostly organic matter which has decayed. Moss can grow without soil (slowly) and as it breaks down, Iceland gets soil.

It just takes a long time. And it’s fragile.

(Duo Roman) #7

I did the golden circle last year and it was very nice, although renting a car and going there by myself would be better.
I also trully recommend the blue lagoon, I will come back there every time I’m in iceland.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #8

Tell the first restaurant you go to that you want a kilo of Hákarl. Not eating it all is considered a great insult to Icelandic culture and you will be marked as a “troll-friend” and hated for all of your visit.

(Brian Pokladek) #9

Gonna have to pass on that XD

(Jonah Gravenstein) #10

There’s always Svið :smiling_imp:

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