Fanfest 2018 - explorers to come earlier

Hey, people!

My wife and me are going for the Fanfest for the first time and it is also our first time in Iceland. As we are explorers, both in New Eden and in real life, we want to see the surroundings too. And we`d like any other capsuleers to join.

The preliminary plan is this:

  1. Get to Reykjavik at saturday, 7th of April
  2. Stay there for the night
  3. Rent a car in the morning
  4. Ride across the country to see the places of interest, both natural and handmade
  5. Get back to Reykjavik by evening 11th of April
  6. Go for the FanFest.

Main principles of the trip:

  1. Go cheap
  2. Hotels and hostels. No camps.

The route is currently under development. Any suggestions regarding places to see and places to stay from experienced tourists and/or natives are welcome!

What we want with this post: to find companions for the trip. Car rental is not very expensive in Iceland, but it is more fun and more cheap to go in a wing of 4 then in a wing of 2. If we`ll have more people then 4, we can go in several vehicles.

About us: We are students from Russia - pharmacy division and biology division. We both play EVE for almost a year. We don`t drink alcohol at all (neither play balalayka :slight_smile: ). We speak only Russian and English.

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