EVE Historical Buy/Sell Data

Was wondering if there was a way to differentiate between historical buy/sell (As done on sites like Adam4Eve) over the simple single price returned by the ESI historical market API call.

For example, putting in

I get…
“average”: 1009000,
“date”: “2020-05-01”,
“highest”: 1105000,
“lowest”: 1007000,
“order_count”: 107,
“volume”: 5984
“average”: 1019000,
“date”: “2020-05-02”,
“highest”: 1074000,
“lowest”: 1016000,
“order_count”: 113,
“volume”: 5693

where the price data is not separated between buy/sell. Would love to know how others were able to overcome this issue :slight_smile:

No. Pretty sure those sites are just fetching all orders and storing them on their own. Only thing ESI exposes is what you see in game within the history tab.

Correct, the market history endpoint exposes only completed trades and does not differentiate between buy and sell.

I’m not intimately familiar with A4E, but I would imagine that the data is inferred by looking at sequential market order snapshots. That’s what I’d do.

You can find an archive of recent market order snapshots at my data site here: data.everef.net/market-orders/. Fuzzwork has a similar (bigger) archive here: Fuzzwork Market Data.

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