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Adam4eve can show past listings (the sales order listings, and the buy order listings). But unless I’m reading it wrong, it doesn’t show the history of actual transactions, only the listings. Evemarketer has current listings and there is a “price history” tab that doesn’t seem to work. So is there any site that has sale price history?

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Not really a “site” as such, but the market tab in game will show you the price history in the region you are in for the item you are interested in.

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Hmmm… I thought EVEmarketer’s price history (at least when it worked) showed sales. Now I see it’s basically the in-game graph only that you could go back 3 years instead of abruptly ending at 1 year.

Now I’m wondering if either the site or the in-game history is showing what I want!

If the moving average is indeed showing transactions instead of listings, it would imply that the average of the Clone Recruiter Tag sold for an average of 6.2 million ISK for some weeks. And… I find that too high to be true.

If I understand correctly, you want to know how many items of a commodity were really traded on a given day.

Ingame this is shown in the price history by the blue bars at the bottom:

Out of game sites like you mentioned could also show this data, however since Nov. 2nd CCP stopped to provide that data. E.g. in A4E this is/was the blue line “ESI traded vol”.


As long as CCP doesn’t provide the trade volume data anymore, you can only rely on estimations based on changes of the orderbooks. Again taking A4E as an example:

Actually I wanted to know what the average price (as in ISK/Unit) of an item was really traded for.

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