EvE Lancher 32 Bit

Hallo zusammen!

Seit Gestern fällt mir auf das der EvE Lancher immer noch in 32 Bit Format gestartet wird. Ich dachte es wird auf 64 umgestellt. Liege ich hier falsch-

Und seit dem Update hängt sich EvE immer öfter auf.
Hat jemand Informationen?



Hello Billy!

As far as know, it is no longer possible to use the 32bit client. In fact, my launcher no longer even has the option to toggle between the 32 and 64bit clients. So, could you tell me how that you know that you’re running the 32bit version?

Also, the 64bit version tends to use more RAM, and CCP upped the recommended minimum amount of RAM up to 4GB. Perhaps that might be causing issues? Regardless, have you noticed any patterns for when the game hangs? For example, does it hang when you’re dual boxing, in large fleet fights, or perhaps just when there is a lot of stuff going on on-screen (such as in incursions)?

Finally, if you do get this issue resolved, please come back and tell us how you did it. It might help the next person with a similar problem.

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