Eve Launcher Links Not Working

When I click on this link in my launcher:
I get this page:

Is anyone else having this problem?

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The links all work for me - that one takes me to the correct Frontlines page for Amarr.

The link takes me to:

Even with AdBlock turned off I still get a mostly blank screen. Do you have a direct like for the Amarr | Frontlines?


Even with a direct link from https://universe.eveonline.com/factions/concord-assembly I still get:

It’s not my browser, all the other pages look fine.

The frontline pages are all under Frontlines - New Eden War Report | EVE Online . with each faction having its own sub-page ( i.e. Amarr | Frontlines | EVE Online for the Amarr ).

But looking at your screenshot it looks like you have some browser addons that are blocking things, are you sure they are not interfering with the page?

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Yes sir. I have AdBlock set to allow everything on Eve’s entire domain. Here is the “green light”. It’s only on that page that I’m having a problem. I’m going to clear all of my history and cache and try again.

@CCP_Stroopwafel … even with Microsoft Edge I get this:

I normally use Google Chrome.

So when I use Edge, with

It brings up the proper Amarr page apparently instantly.

When I use Chrome, it brings up the black “Follow Eve Online” page you show above, for a fraction of a second, then goes to the Amarr page.

Not sure what is happening in your browser, but I’d guess there’s some setting that is delaying or preventing page-redirects.

Edit: maybe try just going to the /frontlines page first, and then select a faction from there.

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Is it an article? I’m trying to figure out if it’s something new.

Test what happens when you just go to this page:

Same thing. I just tested it.

@Kezrai_Charzai would you mind posting a screenshot of what that page says? I’m thinking about joining the Amarr Struggle.

Grabbing some screen shots. Scrolling around, I noticed that the “Follow EVE Online” text screen you’re seeing is actually at the bottom of the Frontlines page, with all the ‘graphics’ inserts above it.

So your browser is either somehow scrolling to the end of the page, or screening out the graphics, or is misinterpreting some “insert image” HTML codes and maybe needs an update or something.

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The actual Frontlines page isn’t that informative, I’d recommend you google for some other Faction Warfare info for more details:

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I have higher standings with the Caldari. Does it matter if I join the Caldari or Amarr FW? Can I run the same sites either way?

If you join Caldari you’ll be fighting the Gallente in a different Gal-Cal warzone.

The “types” of sites and battles will be the same, but in a different region.


The “Frigates Yearbook” is also highly useful in planning your combat style:

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