Eve linux launcher permission denied

fallowed the guide here (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Installing_EVE_on_Linux)
starting eve launcher in terminal gets me this

$ evelauncher
/usr/bin/evelauncher: 15: /home/user/./evelauncher: Permission denied

I googled the problem and came up with the problem being fstab however I haven’t messed with fstab before and I’m clueless as to how to

a little info:
fresh install of Linux Mint 20.1
had no problems on my previous install of Manjaro on the same machine

It does look either like a permissions problem (use chmod to fix it) or a command problem - I notice in the link that the command line for the launcher is ./evelauncher.sh in the Eve University guide - which is common when wanting to execute a script in the current directory.

I’m running Eve on Kubuntu 20.04 - so the same base as Mint. Eve runs very happily under the Wine version that ships with it (you need to load mscorefonts as I recall) and with the shipped DxVK plugin to help with Directx performance. As good as CCP Snorlax’s work was (and I’m grateful for it - it was his work that first got me playing Eve), it’s been passed by Wine performance being good enough to run Eve without any major changes to the configurations.

oh I failed to mention I can run in the directory I installed in however it’s the link that’s the problem.

everything else runs just fine as is and I’m content with how well everything works and I have no problems with the launcher itself and seems to be a configuration problem on my install

did an extra step and behold it broke!
backed up and unzipped the evelauncher.sh file, now things work!
didn’t need the extra step in launcher shortcut issues

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