EVE London - EVE World Tour 2019 Finale - 23rd November 2019

(Demetri Slavic) #1

Happy to confirm that London will be the final stop of the EVE World Tour 2019 on the 23rd November next year.

With CCP backing the event is going to get a package of upgrades, including a private venue.

Super happy to announce that we will be hosting EVE London at Indigo at the 02, an amazing venue with facilities for us to throw an epic end of tour party.

Stay tuned to CCP news feed for information on ticket sales starting on January 15th!

More information in this dev blog: https://www.eveonline.com/article/pjzslc/eve-online-world-tour-2019

(Saint Michaels Soul) #2

Serious hype. A bit more annoying to get to but that’s a PROPER venue.

I will be there as usual with a few GalMil in tow.

Also booked for Evesterdam already.

Democracy rocks.

Edit: FIRST!

(nitro oxide) #3

I think I am going blind! I cant see any link to tickets there of any sort for EVE London.

Have they sold out all ready?

(Insidious Sainthood) #4

Might have to show up

(ISD Tipene) #5

London (EVE_NT London) November 23