EVE Market Show (trailer)

Its been 3 years since I decided I wanted to do this but I’ve committed myself to starting it before the summer is out, the EVE news stream for people who don’t watch the news…

This is one of the “shows” I’m working on, they’ll all be on the same channel. This show is focused on the regional markets and financial analysis but condensed down as much as possible into bitesize news so you don’t have to commit yourself to watching a really long stream.

Typical structure:

  • 2-hour stream.
  • TOTH (top of the hour) headlines, repeated every 15 minutes.
  • Interviews with players.
  • As much original content as possible, no “in-game” camera stuff unless its relevant. The news will be reported as news packages, with interviews with other players/corps/alliances.
  • Live coverage of fights as they’re happening (been working on ‘camera toons’ positioned around the universe, damn its been difficult).
  • Past paced, no just sitting talking to the camera.

I’ve also got a morning show in the works…

If you’re interested in collaborating on it let me know! :slight_smile:

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