The EVE Vegas Live Stream!


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Hey, everyone! I just wanted to make sure you all knew about the 3 day live stream taking place from EVE Vegas next weekend. Friday will be when we reveal a bunch of stuff in the Opening Ceremony & CCP Presents and the EVE Keynote. Then the rest of it will be packed with more detailed feature presentations, player presentations and all kinds of custom stream content.

Additionally #Streamfleet will be there in force, streaming from the venue on their own channels the whole time :slight_smile:

We’ve created an event on Twitch
for the official stream and if you click “Remind me” you’ll get a reminder when the event is starting so you don’t have to worry about accidentally missing it :).

You can do this for each of the three days. We can’t wait to hang out with you whether it’s in Vegas or in Twitch chat :heart_eyes:

----> Hype video <----

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