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Watch CCPTV on Twitch

Multiple EVE streams weekly

Do you still dream about EVE Online but feel you’ve missed too much to dive back in?Now’s your chance to catch up with everything that’s been going on in New Eden!

CCPTV is regularly streaming creative, entertaining, and dedicated EVE Online content on Twitch that brings you - the players - and developers together in a virtual way, sharing the awe-inspiring universe of EVE.

Gain insight into everything current with EVE and CCP, including live streams, presentations, open chats, special guests, free giveaways, and much more!


You’re kind of overdoing it …
… especially because there’s no stream running right now.

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4 minutes later:

No, there’s not, however, the email just came in.

There’s currently some other hosted channel.

It can be used to post here when the channel will be online.

I found some other overdoing and overcharging for which I design systems to measure more accurately though.

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This will be another failure.

There is nothing - NOTHING - more boring than watching a stream of EVE gameplay.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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(screen shows field of blue and red dots…)

Announcer1: “Here it comes… wait for it… waaait for iit… THERE! See that? That red dot there moved!”

Announcer2: “Hang on there Bill while I quickly check 6 different intel channels and my Discord to see what actually happened there! I’m sure it was exciting!”

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Oh yes, we have a failure raffle for the one who fails best and doesn’t laugh too much last.