EvE Meemz by Darth

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Gotta make use of forum features! EvE memes!

^^Bomber’s Bar praying to Bob

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There seems to be a Gif thread, and, even if there is an EvE related mame thread in Out of Pod experience, It doesn’t belong there as EvE memes are very much In Pod Experience.

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Crim and punishment : c and p meme library. It’s in the proper spot. No point of starting another…you’ll be the only one viewing them.

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My old CEO. We all miss him (and the 1+ trillion he stole).

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I’m not trolling you dude, you’ll get a lot more responses in the c and p established one…its working on 101 posts Which are eve related.
There’s hotspots in these new forums and literally no attention anywhere else.
The music video fave thread was In out of pod, I apologize. And the c and p meme also allows gifs.
Just lending a hand to a community member :slight_smile:

I’ll unfollow now, so you can make your own decision…

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Renamed. All your memes belong to me now.
Sharing stuff I made as my own “EvE experience artsy topic thing”. Enjoy.

Not sure what happened there.

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Relevant to the op :wink:
You can thank me later

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Those are some high quality memes over there.

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Check mine out, I thought the last set was quite funny. But again do as you please. You might get a few visits a day mostly asking why you don’t join the party.

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