Eve meet S.Korea

So, we (Jemalous and I) ran into some other eve players last Saturday at the bar. It was a chance meeting. We were excited to meet other players in our city but it also got me thinking how i’ve always longed for going to an eve meet in Iceland or America but how about we have something in our neck of the woods so to speak…we can have a meet for players from Korea, Japan and China…it would be awesome! so what do ya’ll think???

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I’m not from the area, but you should absolutely do it and ask CCP to support you in some way.

What about us north koreans?


Apparently, y’all are cool now…

–Gadget shrugs

seriously i believe it’s about time we have one :slight_smile: It will be freaking AMAZING!

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K let me ask my friend Kim Jong Il if he wants to go.

lol…do ask him ^^

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