EVE North- Are you new?

Maybe, ok, you want to show off Canada. You picked the most expensive place in Ontario to stay for a weekend. I mean, yeah great, our Eurofriends can see a natural wonder, but I live 3 hours away and no way I can blow that kind of cash, I only have local dollars to spend. It’s just sad, I would walk to get to an EVE Meet, but not if I can’t afford to sleep inside when I get there. Have fun with your meet, but it would be great if it wasn’t somewhere half of us could never afford. And you’re showing your city roots, because you could have a whole resort for nothing . Hurtful. I’m not going to Las Facisct. Is there time to consider this?
Niagara. Really. Just asking?

Im sorry you typed “hey guys would be great if i could meet up with everyone at Eve north, unfortunalty my budget is limiting me from driving there and spending the night as it is a 3 hour drive, is there any possibilty for a change in location in the future.” inccorectly.


Stay outside of Niagara falls proper. Do what you need to do, just come with a smile.

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Here’s a good background https://youtu.be/UhMnLwQAzhE?t=1590

Niagara sucks, just like the rest of Ontario.

Good riddance.

Wait, is this guy complaining that the EVE meetup is over 3h away?

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Yes, he is.

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How does one not afford a 3 hour trip?
I live 1 hour from my work (1 way) and make the trip every day.

You coulda started saving up before the time and place was set. Just saying.

It’s not the trip but a lot of trouble with hotel rates in that area. There are alternatives nearby that are much cheaper, so the fellow above just needs to check into those.

There’s a thing called the “internet” that could help you find a cheap hotel. Or you could just drive home because you live close as ■■■■.


Google “cheap hotels Niagara” and book ahead. Quite a few decent rates show up there. Or my brother often uses AirB&B and Kijiji and other resources to find places for cheap. Ask around for another attendee you can share a room with.

Seems a weird thing to get all hung up about. You’re closer to it and can access it more cheaply than 95% of the player base. I can assure you it would have cost you a lot more if they booked it in Vancouver or Montreal.

I shall write a really angry letter to Rolls Royce complaining about how it’s just not done how some idiot like me with a terrible paying job can’t pay for their products. It’s pretty much fascism imo.

Wish me luck.


Good luck.


They should have picked Montreal. So much fun to be had in that city.

Niagara is scenic, Toronto is diverse, Vancouver is beautiful and Montreal is fun. The problem with having events in Montreal is that it’s always a hassle convincing attendees to go home afterwards.

Id love a meetup in Vancouver sometime thatd be cool.

And they seem to have an unhealthy obsession with fudge and salt water taffy. As in, every block has six candy shops on it obsession.

Well… they also have some sort of big water feature people seem to like looking at. But it’s mostly about the fudge.

Dear Bugatti,

I’d love one of your cars that can burn through an entire tank of fuel in twelve miles, unfortunately your current pricing puts the Divo out of my range by about $5.79999million. Please adjust accordingly.

All that fudge gets packed. They pack their fudge. They are fudge-packers.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.