Eve-O Preview not working

I’ve tried downloading every version i could find and putting them in very accessible folders for them to write their xml files. It takes a screenshot instead of a live feed from the miniscreen.
No idea what to do about it - used to multitask, now i have to play one character at a time…

Just saying - it’s a very good program , not cheating , eve has endorsed it and I think an update has wrecked it, to windows or eve… I’ll still try to play 2 at once, but it won’t be as interactive.

Are you Running Eve in Fullscreen mode?
If yes, you have just to switch to “fixed Window”.

And do not use the “minimize inactive Clients” option in Eve-O.

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i’ll try that out - pretty sure it’s borderless windowed mode though… hope it works, will let you know

yeah it does seem to be working - put it to fixed window and now it seems to update in realtime :slight_smile: , i’m happy about that, thanks for getting me to check them settings
o7 problem solved i think
(and it was set to fullscreen mode - forgot i uninstalled the game for awhile, my bad! thanks again)

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