Eve Online and Windows 10 via Mac OS Boot camp problems

Was hoping someone could help with my situation. I currently am running Windows Free Version on my Mac Pro Late 2013 (Cylinder Trash Can One). I installed Windows 10 ISO (latest version) via boot camp. Every went well with that conversion, windows 10 is running very nicely. When I go to install EVE Launcher from the site, the install goes well but then it fails to launch stating some kind of missing Open GL driver. I have tried to run the launcher as Administrator, but that does not work.

Is there a problem with Eve Online and the new version of windows 10 and direct x 10? Or is it the fact that I am running windows free version with boot camp?

Any suggestion would be helpful.

It’s most likely a combination of both that you have the free version and that you are running in Boot camp. Windows 10 runs the game fine. OpenGL issue might be that you have not installed the latest graphic driver from Nvidia or AMD or that you may need to add a environmental variable in order to be able to run the game.

If you are unsure how to set an environmental variable there there here is a guide here:

If you do set a variable try these three options


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