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Does it have Fusion Drive? I’m no rocket scientist but I’m going to guess that they need fusion power to break the light speed barrier.

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A star creates photons that travel away from the center of the star’s core at the speed of light and takes millions of years to finally reach the surface of the star and then into space.

That is the question asked by a physicist in Germany, who has calculated the lower limit for the lifetime of the photon to be three years in the photon’s frame of reference. This translates to about one billion billion (1018) years in our frame of reference.

A flashlight will only create light for as long as there is battery power available. What type of stored battery cell does the light photon draw upon and how is that energy source stored? Or, is there some exotic interaction taking place between space-time and the photon’s components that allows the photon to harvest small amounts of energy from space-time, much like the solar panel harvests photons for electricity.

Theory says that for an object to reach the speed of light, an infinite source of energy is needed. Looking at the light photon again, it’s life span is one billion billion (1018) years in our frame of reference. With such a long life span of being nearly infinite, in order for the light photon to live that long, it would have to be much larger, unless the light photon, like I said, interacts with space-time, in some manner that allows the light photon to syphon off small amounts of mass to create mass that is shed so fast, that the mass might not even register on any science equipment. If such an interaction between a light photon and space-time does exist, then figuring out the interaction would allow ships to generate their own space-time source of electrical power, along with possibly being able to generate one hundred trillion trillion, single light photon reactions per second that could be used as a propellant in a ship’s engine.

What is the lifetime of a photon? – Physics World What is the lifetime of a photon? – Physics World

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If a wormhole is able to be created in Primordial space-time, would a ship be able to reach the speed of infinity, which is the absolute top speed obtainable.

If a region of space-time can have all of the mass removed from the atoms to keep the atoms from interacting with object A attempting to enter a wormhole located in the region void of atoms with mass, could it be possible for the wormhole to harvest the massless atoms as fuel for the operation of the wormhole?

Would a wormhole function in the region of space void of atoms with mass?

I’m not certain what type of drive they would need to use at the moment.

Lichtenberg Effect and the Big Bang

A Lichtenberg figure (German Lichtenberg-Figuren ), or Lichtenberg dust figure , is a branching electric discharge that sometimes appears on the surface or in the interior of insulating materials. Lichtenberg figures are often associated with the progressive deterioration of high voltage components and equipment. The study of planar Lichtenberg figures along insulating surfaces and 3D electrical trees within insulating materials often provides engineers with valuable insights for improving the long-term reliability of high-voltage equipment. Lichtenberg figures are now known to occur on or within solids, liquids, and gases during electrical breakdown.

In the video below you can see the Lichtenberg Effect for yourself.

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You will notice that some of the discharges seem to create a typewriter type of effect in so much as starting from point A and then moving back and forth between point A.

Look at the black mark on the left side of the figure frame, trace a straight line from the mark to about 3" and then down a half inch. Watch the triangle looking shape. Discharge takes place at the triangle and seems to move around the triangle in a counterclockwise rotation.

At the moment of the Big Bang, a similar effect could have taken place in the Universe. Bolts of electricity, billions of time more powerful than we could conceive, are jolting out and across space-time. The heat generated from the bolts would be more than enough to excite atoms and even the components that comprise atoms into becoming active and then bonding to create atoms.

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Scientists find the originating point of the Sun’s magnetic field.

Scientists a step closer to unraveling mystery of sun’s magnetic field | CNN


That’s being devoted to educational videos… Although he also made it near Pamplona which is a beautiful place.

Now, someone could do this video in Australia… The desolate desert environment would add an extra meaning to the trip, since space is just a whole lot of nothing…

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Pyramid Power Revealed
Are the pyramids portals, power plants, or consciousness-expanding devices?

The pyramids are portals, power-plants of the imagination that fuels the consciousness and subconsciousness that powers the gate between the human mind and the minds of God and Creation.