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It would seem that we can survive passing through a black hole. No, rather we can survive a black hole passing through us, in the form of its residual light.

Ooh My Bees!

A ghost for scientists and sci-fans alike to wonder about.

Life after Death, For a Black Hole

The question I have is this. If we finally see the light from a black hole that is 100,000 light-years away which takes 100,000 years for the light to reach Earth and the black hole vanished 5,000 years ago and we fly through the light creating the image, will the travelers suffer and ill effects?

Would the light we see from the long-gone black hole still hold the same destructive force as the original black hole had?

Does the light being seen from a black hole that has long past carry any amount of energy, based on the energy of the original black hole, that could be harvested?

What secrets lie within the light of a dead black hole that lives on through the light?

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Food for thought: photons do not experience time, they live in a forever now since they’re created until they’re destroyed.

So the time when your detector intercepts a photon from a distant star, to the photon is the same time of its creation and the only time it will ever be as long as it exists.

The universe ages, but photons don’t.


Ah, but the photon also creates an image of an ever-changing dynamic of the Universe.

So, if you think about, every second that a cloud in space generates a photon of light, the photon after the first creates the next pillowing effect of the cloud that travels the Universe. Therefore, there must be some type of interaction between such photons from two different cloud formations in space.

Someday everyone will understand that time travel is real.

We all travel in time (and space), forward in time and the entire solar system travels on a path in space (including us of course). :smirk: :blush:

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Time and Space would have had to have come before the photon in order for the photon to exist, therefore a photon cannot exert distortions of space-time.

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Scientists Built an Ingenious Trap to Catch Dark Matter. We’re About to See If It Worked.

Scientists Built an Ingenious Trap to Catch Dark Matter. We’re About to See If It Worked. (msn.com)

A new power source that will eventually give deep space probes more electricity at a cheaper price.

[New Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion - Possible End for Coal and Gas (msn.com)](MSN?

I was looking at the plasma sphere toy and wondered, if micro-thermal electrical generators are placed around the glass globe to convert heat from the point where the plasma strikes the sphere’s surface, with the electricity created by the TEG then sent into a step-up coil that functions very similar to the step-up coil on a Volvo, how much electricity can actually be generated?

Volvo Step-Up Coil

It contains a step -up transformer (also known as a coil pack) to convert that tiny current into quick bursts of several thousand volts at a time. This electricity is then sent to each spark plug in perfect time with the cylinder’s combustion cycle, igniting fuel vapor with oxygen and producing power.

A rather gratifying date , 6/30/2024, planet Earth, Sector : Unknown, Classification : Unknown

A few weeks ago I planted three climbing vine plants that only open up at dusk to release their, perfume. The seeds were probably ten years old. Mordaciously, one seed out of those three made it, and has started to germinate. See picture below: 10 year creeping vine flowering plant is circled in purple.

Screenshot 2024-06-30 213550

How amazing is the will of life to want to live? Even in seeds long thought, dead, life does some amazing things and will always survive.

That raises the question of using every day trash, paper with food stuck to it and other sources that would be ground up into a fine pulp with seeds and bacteria wrapped in pulp and then sprayed into the atmosphere of Europa, could that one seed, like I found, could that one seed from Earth that begins life on Europa by adapting to the extreme climate, be the actual will and force of life?

Engineers produce the world’s first practical Titanium-sapphire laser on a chip (msn.com)

The question I have, is this. When you have a room, a cube, six sides, all surfaces are mirrored, and you place an electrical arc making contraption in the middle and then make electrical arcs that reflect off of all of the mirrored surfaces of the cube, is that considered an infinite source of power? How would the energy reflected in the mirrors be harvested is the bigger question? How much energy can be harvested from each reflection would be a better question.

How do the geometric shapes created by the arcing reflections transport the person through an infinite dimension, of sorts? Can arc reflecting in different patterns and shapes possibly release some inner light or knowledge?

Robot with lab-grown brain developed in China, performs critical tasks (msn.com)

Not good, not good at all.

What could ever possibly go wrong with that one I wonder.


At present, China’s ICBM arsenal consists of approximately 350 ICBMs, which includes fixed and mobile launchers capable of launching unitary and multiple re-entry vehicles.


Not really part of astronomer, but perhaps the Gravity Hole can better help science understand how wormholes work.

The Giant “Gravity Hole” In the Ocean May Be the Ghost of an Ancient Ocean (msn.com)

What’s also odd is that photon particles behave like particles only when observed,otherwise they behave like waves. or at least this seems to be what is percieved from our perspective. To date no scientist has ever been able to explain a photons behaviour.

So the question is, How or Why does a photon seem to be aware it is being observed.

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Maybe they are shy and are afraid of evil gaze so when someone looks at them they collapse into a particle from their wave form. :wink:


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With scientists not being able to explain the function of the light photon, whether it is a particle or wave, then scientists dont really know for certain if FTL isnt possible.

For light to be a particle with mass, the photon would have to interact with other medium to have the mass of the piece of paper added to the photon based on the paper changing colors.


Crater 3x The Size of Grand Canyon Discovered in US


Is this the crater where the Dino Roid impacted the Earth?

What rare fish and other aquatic species, and plants and trees that should not exist, but do exist, live and thrive in the crater region?

How did the crater slightly change the biome of the area to a biome from the area that the asteroid came from? If life changing changes are attributed to the asteroid, the asteroid can be linked to extra-terrestrial life in the galaxy, or at least a direction where a planet with life might be located.