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I sticking to the seeded by alien human from the future and that the Homo habilis race will be seeded again n another million years after we started some irreversible green house that increases CO2

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That is possible, by seeded by alien race from the future, I hope you nean a race that is extremely advanced, because time travel from the future into the past or past to the future by going through a portal is not possible, has never been possible and never will be possible.

The perception of time travel is merely that, a perception.

Take for example a UFO that can travel at FTL velocities that finds Earth in our state. To humans, the alien technology would seem from the future because we havent developed such technology yet due to many narcissistic superstitions still making money on Earth, or the K.I.S.S. philosophy.

All the aliens have done is progessed their knowledge at a faster rate than humans

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Keep it simple, gee my mind is now in the past and that is all due to you here today in the future whom mentioned the K.I.S.S :alien: perhaps the wormholes into the past are right in front of our eyes though we currently don’t have the knowledge to harness mind travel yet!

Time travel is infinitely impossible. Sci-fi makes time travel possible as a story line plot device.

There is also no such thing as Now, as now is constantly split by a 1/2 second of past events and a 1/2 second of future events.

The mind can travel back in time and then return to the present, though we currently do not have the knowedge on how to interact with ourself in the past.

In reference to ourself is not in relation to our physical form.

btw, I am keeping it as simple as possible to explain mind travel.

/Not making this up and haddn’t just stumbled on the Mental time travel Wiki page.
I had been mind traveling for while and so can you, like everyone who can find their trigger points.

Do you remember when you had first rode a bike? Caught your first Fish? These are trigger points to start with to guide your mind back in time.

No, the mind cannot travel back in time. A persons mind can have a memory of the past, but never actually travel.

If a person would travel back in time, the memories of everyone who was part of the memory would also have their minds effected due to the time jump involving gravity would pull everyone from their modern day mindset into the past, inside the mind of the person traveling back in time and other people who were associated with the people in the mind of the person in the mind of the person travelling back in time inside of their mind as well.

Otherwise the person is merely experiencing a memory that is most likely changed over time due to the sub-conscious slowly erasing the memories of the pasf to replace them with new memories.

If a single person did succeed in time travel, the Earth would fall into a deep state of chaos due to everyone in the modern world waking up in their past and not knowing what to do, who their loved ones were, including their children. They would remember the point of the mind jump and everything they were before, but would not remember the modern era they had been pulled from.

There would be world wide chaos and collapse.

Also one major flaw in time travel theory that is largely ignored is that the Sun and all the solar system objects were in a different position in the past, If time travel is possible in any way then that means the solar bodies will also go back to their previous positions which is impossible because the arrow of time forces only one way.

There is no way to re-wind reality or past events in any shape or form.

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There is a US government medical website on this ability.

It is a known fact and is currently being researched even further.

/only if interactions was possible would it effect others in past memories.

Not to mention, all of space-time would be twisted on itself and would be destroyed if now tried to occupy the past somehow.

The Laschamps excursion that occurred around 41,000 years ago is among the best studied. It features a low magnetic field intensity that implies less protection for Earth’s surface from harmful space rays. Periods of low magnetic field intensity could correlate to major upheavals in the biosphere.

To see when cosmic rays were heavily bombarding Earth’s surface, scientists can measure cosmogenic radionuclides in cores from both ice and marine sediment. These special isotopes are produced by the interaction between cosmic rays and Earth’s atmosphere; they are born of cosmic rays, hence they are cosmogenic.

Cosmic rays streamed through Earth’s atmosphere 41,000 years ago: New findings on the Laschamps excursion (phys.org)

Could aliens have been on Earth during the Laschamps period and helped humanity by increasing and the field intensity of Earth’s magnetic field? Could Area 51 be the home base of aliens that are still working to repair the Earth’s atmosphere?

Could humans have survived the intense bombardment of harmful cosmic rays without alien intervention?

Here’s an interesting video / image of a door on Mars.

Is it real or Photoshopped?

Your Telescope should be able to see Apophis fly by on April 2029


According to the Bible (Genesis 2:7), this is how humanity began: “The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” God then called the man Adam, and later created Eve from Adam’s rib.

What if the Biblical account of creation is a hidden location of some vast and important ancient technology?

“formed man from dust on the ground and breathed into his nostrils, the breath of life.”

There could be a location on Earth where the mountains form nostrils that early humans could have perceived as being God much like early humans perceived curvatious mountains as being the females chest.

When humanity found the nostril mountains surrounded by dust and discovered the ancient technology, humanity became alive a second time.

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An Engineer Says He’s Found a Way to Overcome Earth’s Gravity (msn.com)

More later on.

If Planet 9 does in fact exist, then why hasn’t the planet been discovered by now?

If you go back in astronomy history, after all of the celestial bodies in the Sol system had been discovered and find any unsolved anomolies, then the anomoly could be Planet 9.

NASA engineer creates propulsion system that defies the laws of physics (msn.com)

It Took 10 Trillion Frames Per Second To Finally Film The Speed Of Light (msn.com)

If the above machine was developed into a telescope, just image the new depths of space that could be viewed.

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At what playback speed would be required to view that entire video within an hour or two tops?

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The crew involved is working on a means of slowing the video down by one Giga billion times, I think that’s what they called it.

New warp drive model offers promising solution for lightning-fast travel (msn.com)

The article goes on to discuss other experiments involving subluminal flight.

According to the theoretical Alcubierre warp drive concept, a spacecraft could appear to travel faster than light by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it.

This relies on the ability to create a modifiable energy-density field less than a vacuum or negative mass, which is scientifically impossible.

Alcubierre’s warp drive won’t work because he wants to push space in front of the ship, which would cause the mass of the space in front of the ship to build up over time, like a giant 1,000 light year tall wave, traveling through space. Not possible.

Reducing the amount of space-time around the ship is the key. Reducing the amount of interaction between atoms in space and the hull of the ship can be achieved by stripping the mass from atoms to render the atom without the ability to add mass to anything. If you look at the velocities for each atom where the atom changes its state during collisions and then replace the atom with the ship, you can see, that at very fast velocities, the ship will interact with atoms much the same that a single atom reacts when interacting with other atoms in a collider. The faster the ship travels, the more interactions that would cause the ship to explode due to many reasons.

But, when the atoms around the ship are stripped of their mass generating properties and reduced to non-interactable particles, then where is the mass to slow the ship down? Entering massless space, would be similar to entering Primordial space-time, no gravity as we know it. Because the stars and planets and other gravity generating bodies in the solar system would not be able to spider web the ship to keep the ship from going anywhere that faster the ship travels. I’m not certain if the atoms amassed around the ship would create a force against the ship traveling at FTL and faster, maybe for a Planck second or even smaller, before the field around the ship reduced the atoms to zero mass / interactable particles. With the particles stripped of their mass potential being great volume in the area around the ship, could those very particles, when passing through the ship, be used to add mass to keep the ship together?

The process above is based on the Very Cold Spot in space, which scientists cant figure out what happens to atoms and particles passing into the Very Cold Spot.

Warp Drive - Open-Source Toolkit - Applied Physics

CMB Cold Spot - The enduring enigma of the cosmic cold spot – Physics World.

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