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Batteries could charge up by relying on a quantum effect known as indefinite causal order, whereby the laws of cause and effect are scrambled and power can move through the system quicker.

Now, lets apply the above to how the Big Bang could have started. Primordial ICO is scrambled which allows power to move through the system faster until a fault is reached, the build-up reaches a crescendo and then, voila, the Big Bang.


Speaking of creating electrical energy, I have this idea.

I was watching a Tik Tok video that shows a magnet being placed on either side of a glass of water. After a short while, a tornado forms in the center of the glass of water. Now, if a shaft, with vanes on the side, is hooked up to an electrical generation device , how much electrical energy can be created as the two magnets turn the shaft due to the motion of the tornado?

2 mile thick ice sheet on Mars.

With the ice being two miles thick, there should be alot of data regarding Mars past. Just like icebergs on Earth contain data and sometimes possibly even ancient life, like Woolly Mammoths.

There might even be plant life frozen near the bottom layer of the ice sheet.

Building in space or on the Moon will require welding. After watching a Modern Marvels episode on welding, the questions I have for NASA engineers are:

Building a self-contained welding MPLM that travels along the section of steel support, very much like the self-contained underwater welding pod used to weld pipeline, is spin-friction welding able to be used to weld two sections of truss together that other components would then welded to that would contain hab modules and fuel storage units?

Super-Earth discovered in the “optimal” habitable zone of its star, TOI-715 b (msn.com)

But how will humans travel to the planet that is 137 light years from Earth?

In the far future, the Andromeda galaxy will collide with our galaxy, the Milky Way.

What would the chances of humanities survival be?

Is such a collision how life spreads around the Universe?

How would humanity increase our chances of survival during and after the two galaxies collide?


Scientists pursuing fusion energy say they have found a way to overcome one of their biggest challenges to date — by using artificial intelligence.

Scientists are using AI to forecast potential instabilities in real time to prevent the instability.

AI could also be used to forecast atoms approaching a ship where the heavier atoms that create more mass as a ship travels faster and faster. Once forecast, a second AI program would control a field wave to repel the atoms to allow the ship to travel faster without adding additional mass.

As long as nothing messes with our solar system I guess we will not notice anything to our lives… maybe the sky would look way different but I doubt anything within the solar system will change dramatically :slight_smile:

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From what I have read and watched videos ob regarding both galaxies colliding, there might not be much left.

The best plan that I can see for humanity is to build container spheres for the million or so humans left on Earth during the collision.

There would be a time before the collision, maybe 150 years, when mating of humans would be strictly enforced. The mating restriction would reduce the numbers of humans on the planet due to natural, old age.

The container spheres would house maybe 500 humans + eggs and semen from generations prior to keep a diverse amount of human DNA on hand. DNA from plants and animals would also be kept on hand.

As the leading edge of the Andromeda galaxy came crashing through the Milky Way Galaxy, there should be a wave of energy that would preceed the Hell following. Just imagine trillions times ten trillion chunks of planets and moons and maybe a waving Aunt Jemima syrup bottle, smashing through the solar system l…hey theres a Patrick and Spongebob playset floating by. As Hell smashes through the galaxy, space and time might be distorted enough to create a ripple, much like the ripple created when a rock is thrown into a lake.

The container spheres would catch the wave and ride it out of harms way. Each container ship would have supplies for 1,000 years.

The only drawback is, will humanity find another Earth-like planet to live on?

Pantetheine: Key compound suggests that life beyond Earth could be common

Billions of years ago, Earth was a fiery young world. Volcanoes erupted, oceans churned, and the key compounds of life were just starting to blend. Fast forward to today, scientists have made a discovery that sheds light on this mysterious time.

The Genesis Device is one step closer to realization.

Researchers from University College London have created the compound pantetheine, a crucial ingredient for life, using conditions that mimic early Earth. This isn’t just science fiction; it’s a real breakthrough that helps us understand how life might have begun. The achievement also opens doors to finding life beyond our planet.

Pantetheine: Key compound suggests that life beyond Earth could be common (msn.com)

Odyssey Dawn on approach

Heat is the most common form of disorder that disrupts quantum properties. Quantum materials often only exhibit exotic phenomena at very low temperatures when the atom nearly stops vibrating, allowing the surrounding electrons to interact with one another and rearrange themselves in unexpected ways.

Therefore, Primordial Quantum Materials experiencing very low temperatures as the ball of PQM travels from a warmer region of Primordial Space through a very low temperature region of space, could have seen the electrons of the Primordial atom interacting with one another and rearranging themselves in unexpected ways that created the Big Bang at the point of when the Primordial atom nearly stops vibrating.

New class of 2D material displays stable charge density wave at room temperature (msn.com)

The question is, are these very low in temperature regions of space also the locations where the background information for life is also kept? The Primordial atom rearranges its configuration due to very low temperatures that encounters the information of life that the electrons then attach to and possibly learn how to construct matter into patterns necessary for life to eventually emerge in the new Universe.

Science is not the enemy of Religion.
Science is the vessel that brings the Father and Mother of Creation closer to life, for life has a father and a mother.

Close your eyes.
Look into the darkness, with me.
Place your hands two feet apart and slowly bring them together to create a spear point. As you bring your thumbs together to create the base of the pyramid, your arms become the horizon as the energy of the pyramid raises from the center of the pyramid and settles into a gentle loft above the pyramid.

Pentagon says there is no proof of alien life.

The evidence is right under the office of 'There’s No Evidence of Alien Life."

But…but, there is evidence for alien life to exist, remember that Star Shepards.

If different frequencies associated with how colors vibrate that help ease the mind into a deep sleep, then perhaps the same kinds of colors associated with putting a turbulent mind at ease, were in part responsible for helping to put the turbulent mind of God and Creation at ease, in the Primordial Void, that eased their turbulent minds into more precise, thoughts of creation.

Humans must access such thought patterns based on brown, white, green and other colors of noise from before there was time. It’s not forbidden knowledge from the Tree. Why would God and Creation keep such a powerful lifeforce, locked up an away from humanity to spread the light of life, creation, into the unknowns of the void, where there is no light?

The Father, the Mother, and the Child of Light.

I read a theory that because space is expanding faster than the galaxy moving toward us they say there will never be a collision.

Depends on the rate that the galaxy is being pulled away. Even if the two galaxies don’t collide, gravitational tidal forces from both galaxies could pull sections of both galaxies from their host galaxy that might create a newer smaller galax from the debris.

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Could the best place to look for a habitable planet be the same distance that the Earth is from our closest black hole?

If the Earth exists at 1,560 light years from a blackhole, then don’t ya think other Earth like planets might exist around black holes as well?

There might even be Earth like planets in solar systems orbiting the same black hole the Sol system is orbiting.

Could Pre-Earth material have sling-shot around our black hole that formed into the Sol system? Wouldn’t that be a treat to find the sling-shot trajectory that the life components of Sol took around our black hole?

Organic compounds found on asteroid and meteorite challenge ideas of where organic molecules formed

Organic compounds found on asteroid and meteorite challenge ideas of where organic molecules formed (msn.com)

It’s always cool to read about new finds involving organic compounds on asteroids. Somewhere out there, there are other planets similar to Earth that have been impacted by asteroids with organic compounds. Life would have taken hold on such a planet along a different Life Track, a Life Track is an orbital path that a habitable planet takes around the host star. Depending on the distance the habitable planet is from the host star, its orbital revolution, axial tilt, daylight savings times, etc. will vary from each habitable world, a habitable world will never occupy the same exact Life Track as another habitable planet orbiting a host star. Thus, the infinity of biological diversity has been reached at the initial seeding of the Universe. No two planets will ever host the same type of habitable life as another planet, but the ability for life from two habitable worlds to mate, to create an entirely new species, adds in another layer of infinite biological diversity in the Universe.

I was reading on CNN that asking Socratic questions helps reduce stress.

Here’s a good question to ask; If God and Creation both said ‘Let there be light’, and there was light in the darkness where there was no light before, just like when we dream and remember the dream, light in the darkness where there was no light before, are we dreaming at the point of the Big Bang? When we dream and dont remember the dream, what side of the Big Bang are we on? Primordial space or Einstein space.