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Potential signs of life found on Europa. Hopefully the life isnt the same as life from the Europa Report.

Webb spots a building block of life on Jupiter’s moon Europa


How fast will October’s annular solar eclipse travel? | Space

The moon’s shadow will travel as fast as 7,000 mph on Oct. 14 and as slow as 1,700 mph. We explore what affects the speed of a solar eclipse.

The question is, what kind of time and space disturbances take place between the Moon’s shadow travelling at 1,700 and 7,000 mph? With the Moon’s shadow collapsing and expanding on itself based on the velocities above, something has to be going on in that shadow.

What Makes Archaeopteryx Fossils the Bizarre Bridge Between Dinos and Birds? (msn.com)

The question is, did the dinosaurs that became birds already have the Primordial DNA in their string and came to Earth bound to become birds or was the process evolutionary? Why didn’t some humans become birds?

The triangles of SWR and Oak Island

The triangles of Skin Walker Ranch and Oak Island could be connected. Both triangles are approx. the same size. Both have a curved bottom leg. Both have paths, one leading into the center, one from the left and one from the right that are in the approx. same location. Both triangles have a circular ‘island’. One can be seen with the naked eye, possibly either an open or closed gate, the other cannot be seen with the naked eye, once again either an open or closed gate. The Skin Walker Ranch ‘island’ was found while using special imaging equipment.

Both triangles, when most made of the most unique mineral found within two miles and then hinges added to each leg so the triangles can be connected, with the center points of each circle aligned to the center point with the centerline of the tip of the triangle, creates a cup like interior surface that should correspond to an orb being able to fit within the top part of the three-sided pyramid that is tangent to all sides of the pyramid.

The question is, where is the third triangle?

This is great!

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“Chilbolton Code formation” or “Arecibo answer” was a crop circle that appeared in 2001 near the Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK, which matched the visual representation and most of the information inside the original Arecibo message with minor differences.

S10 E8 Circles in the Sky 47:00/60:00 - Chilbolton Reply Crop Circle

The planetary line, below the alien figure, of the Chilbolton Reply Crop Circle appears to read, a sun that is maybe 1/2 as large as our own sun, 8-13 planets. Planets 3,4 and 5 are habitable. Planet 5 might have smaller moons orbiting it or which are represented by the plus signs or the + sign below, in the square, could be a marker for the planet that the alien comes from, the 5th planet, 15 degrees to the right of a center point possibly located in an asteroid belt or the larger squares with four smaller squares at each corner. The 5th planet could orbit the sun at a 15-degree elliptical orbit, north to south instead of how the Earth orbits. The square could be some type of reference to the alien’s sun with an asteroid belt orbiting the sun with the three habitable planets residing outside of the outside belt. Two of the planets are gas giants with rings, smaller than Jupiter and Saturn.

The purple section is symmetrical.
The purple section has two 3’s on either side of the + sign, possibly part of a coordinate. The three bars representing the number 3 is symmetrical on the other side of the + sign. There are also symmetrical values of 8 and 9 diagonal to the 3 bars. Symmetrical? All sides must be the same. The spin created around the central + between the 3,8 and 9 could be an alignment value then when the Aerotrim is aligned properly, then the aliens home world would be revealed. But what values of spin align to 3,8 and 9? 3 could represent a star that is the same diameter as the interior ring of the Aerotrim, with the 8 and 9 representing larger suns that are the same diameter as the next larger rings of the Aerotrim. Vitruvian? Vitruvian form of man or woman when the Aerotrim is aligned properly.

The 9’s above and below the horizontal 3 bars and diagonal
to the vertical 3 bars could represent an eclipse that takes place that causes 90% of the sun or moon to be eclipsed or could be phases of the moon similar to ours. A symmetrical vertical and horizontal event involving 3 that possibly recreates a phase of the alien’s moon that is symmetrical at other times of the season. Possibly four moons orbiting the aliens home world could also be represented by the number 9

When all three stars align, something symmetrical happens that reveals the aliens home planet.

Entry of the Gods and Goddesses into Valhalla. A perfect symmetry of creation, that without the other, creation would spin uncontrollably without ever becoming sentient.

Screenshot 2023-10-08 184402

The Arecibo telescope is replaced by a replica of a crop circle that appeared in the same field one year before, and the binary representation of the transmitter’s diameter is altered.[14][15]

Arecibo telescope replaced by crop circle.

Planetary Line Sequence Chilbolton

Now, let’s let at two graphics, the yellow planetary line and the central circle of the crop circle.

In the yellow planetary line, there are two gas giants or ringed planets, binary position 6 and 7.

In the original Arecibo message, planets 5 - 8 are denoted as three and two blocks. Jupiter and Saturn have thee blocks based on their diameter being large and having rings. Uranus and Neptune are smaller gas giants with rings and are denoted as two blocks.

Planetary Line cleaned up

In the next image I have replaced the purple + with a yellow +, which represents the alien home world from the yellow planetary line. The originating viewpoint would be from the alien’s sun looking outwards. The four horizontal bars, red color, could represent the rings of planets of 6 and 7. Since both are symmetrical, the rings of planets 6 and 7 are most likely twin gas giants and have the same measurements. One set of horizontal bars also represents the rings of one planet and the other set, the rings of the other gas giant where one gas giant resides higher on the orbital plane than the other one.

Gas Giants 2

In the next image I have removed the two gas giants and planetary line. Now, most scientists would think that numbers representing the location of the alien home world would be encoded in the crop circle. Such as message would be very complicated for certain. But, the easiest method of directing Earth to the location of the alien home world would be…?

Human eye 2
The three symmetrical blocks could represent symmetry of the Long Ciliary Artery of the aliens eye when compared to the eye of a human.


The eyes, specifically, the iris.

In humans and most mammals and birds, the iris (pl: irides or irises) is a thin, annular structure in the eye, responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil, and thus the amount of light reaching the retina.

The iris of a human eye functions based on the type of light produced by the sun. Some aspects of the iris allow certain light frequencies to enter the retina while keeping other light frequencies out, thus the reason why some animals see different colors compared to humans.

When the below image is over laid on the human eye, the larger squares could represent blood vessels in the eye of the alien or other processes of the alien iris that deals with the intake of light from the aliens sun. Depending on how far or how close to the sun the habitable planet is, along with the type of light taken in by the iris, will determine how the iris forms. Thus, the alien iris, seen below could be used to determine the approximate class of sun and far away from the sun the alien home world is.

The iris of each species on a planet would be unique based on the habitable planet’s location within the Goldilocks Zone.

Alien Iris

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NASA reveals historic asteroid sample — and it contains key building blocks of life

The sample, collected from the 4.5 billion-year-old near-Earth asteroid Bennu in October 2020 by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, arrived on Earth in a capsule on September 24, dropping from the spacecraft and landing in the Utah desert.

Since then, scientists have been hard at work studying the wealth of material — more than they expected — just inside the top of the canister to conduct an early analysis. The results of that analysis, and the first look at the sample, were shared during a live NASA broadcast from the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston on Wednesday. It’s the largest asteroid sample returned to Earth.

There was so much “bonus” material when the scientists opened the canister that the team has yet to open the bulk sample.

I sticked together an image of the sun last year. was pretty hard to remove all the stitches ^^

Built my own little sun filter

and I named the Scope

“Frarn Scope” because Frarn is my home system in eve :heart:


Awesome image, keep searching the stars Komi.

Here is a sample of what an eye color chart, based on the same communication method used by Arecibo, to send the Arecibo Message.

The top line, white, are numerals 1-10.

The second line is the figure of a human male.

The third line, yellow, is a representation of the Sol System with the third block elevated to emphasize Earth.

The fourth line is the first set of color, blue that comprise the human iris. The two vertical blocks represent that humans have two eyes, the colored section is the color of the iris, the white blocks outline the pupil. The yellow line above the first eye represents Earth’s location in the Sol System but also how the eye dilates based on the long string below human figure and the four strings above the first eye. The sun below the eye and the black part of the pupil represents dilation of the eye during night and day.

The visible light spectrum bar at the bottom represents the range of colors that are visible to the human eye. Hopefully the aliens would understand the visible light spectrum and then associate the color of the iris with the distance that the Earth is from the Sun.

Mysterious fast radio burst traveled 8 billion years to reach Earth | CNN

8 billion-year-old radio signal reaches Earth

For a radio signal to keep its cohesion in space, for 8 billion years, sounds like the signal was artificially generated and created to pick up and store energy to enable continued transmission.

If the algorithm is stretched out, what type of peaks and troughs are created in both analog and digital readout?

How do FRB’s effect Skin Walker Ranch and other locations such as Stonehenge and Oak Island?

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Here’s another area that needs help.

When the light from the sun and other stars comes into contact with the iris, differenr wave lengths are created, troughs and peaks, much like those on a record. What do iris troughs sound like?

Also, what geometeric figures are created when light passes through a human iris that creates the colors blue, green, brown and hazel?

The reason I ask is this. Converting the gradient colors of the human iris into a digital signal, much like the signal Arecibo sent years ago, will create a more defined language then words.

The human iris creates color based on numerous factors such as the time the human eye interacts with the sun, the type of sun, the distance that the habitable planet is from the sun, how fast the sun spins, type of sun, etc, all of which can tell an alien species what type of planet Earth is. Another factor is the atmosphere of Earth and how the atmosphere effects the color of the iris.

If the Earth was closer to or farther away from the sun, the color of the iris might be different, but the amount and time it takes the sun to reach the iris and cause color in the eye can also be translated in distance that the sun is from the Earth.

Iris messaging should become the new norm when sending encoded messages into space as a means of communicating.

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The first pictures of Euclid will be shown during a live session on Nov 7th, 13:15 GMT (UTC, Eve…)

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Hero’s Were Born Today

The clock is ticking.

The star won’t collide with our solar system, but the tidal effects of the stars gravity could dislodge asteroids from planetary rings that could strike the Earth and destroy the Earth. Or debris picked up by the star could be captured by our Sun’s gravity that could also strike Earth.

Look’s like the Earth might not have to wait 100,000 years to be obliterated by the Yellowstone caldera.

With the Earth having only 29,000 years left, people really need to put faith in colonizing the Moon and Mars.


Nice and very true.

(Takes a sip from a water glass)

Hmm, I did not find any one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater in my glass, so I guess this means that there is a one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people eater hiding in my water bottle… :thinking:

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Curiosity rover discovers new evidence Mars once had ‘right conditions’ for life

Thanks to a combination of images from NASA’s Curiosity rover, scans of sedimentary rock beneath the Gulf of Mexico on Earth and computer simulations, geologists have identified the ancient, eroded remnants of rivers in a number of craters on Mars.

So it seems that not all science is set in stone.

FTL is still therefore possible because science is not always correct.


Astronomers are questioning the theories of planet formation after discovering an exoplanet that technically shouldn’t exist.

The planet, about the mass of Neptune and more than 13 times as massive as Earth, was detected orbiting an ultracool M-dwarf star called LHS 3154 — which is nine times less massive than our sun. An M-dwarf star is the smallest and coolest type of star.

The planet — dubbed LHS 3154b — closely whips around the star, completing one orbit every 3.7 Earth days, making it the most massive known planet in a close orbit around one of the coldest, low-mass stars in the universe, according to a new study published Thursday in the journal Science. It upends how scientists understand the formation of planetary systems.

Unprecedented discovery seems to defy fundamental astronomical theories

JuMBO planets found.