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The Search for Extraterrestrial Life as We Don’t Know It

Scientists are abandoning conventional thinking to search for extraterrestrial creatures that bear little resemblance to Earthlings

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life as We Don’t Know It - Scientific American

Sarah Stewart Johnson was a college sophomore when she first stood atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano. Its dried lava surface was so different from the eroded, tree-draped mountains of her home state of Kentucky. Johnson wandered away from the other young researchers she was with and toward a distant ridge of the 13,800-foot summit. Looking down, she turned over a rock with the toe of her boot. To her surprise, a tiny fern lived underneath it, having sprouted from ash and cinder cones. “It felt like it stood for all of us, huddled under that rock, existing against the odds,” Johnson says.

Avi Loeb says he could have proof of alien life.

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Arrowhead made from meteorite 3,000 years ago found near lake in Europe

With the arrowhead being from a meteorite that came into contact with animal blood, I have to wonder what new types of bacteria or viruses were created in that moment?

What new evil might have been released?

Scientists Trapped Light Inside a Metamaterial and Made It 10x More Magnetic (msn.com)

  • Finding new ways to control light and magnetism will enable new technologies that we never thought possible.
  • Scientists from the City College of New York (CCNY) developed a way to effectively trap light inside a metamaterial, and in turn make the light 10 times more magnetic.
  • This breakthrough could lead to the creation of technologies like magnetic lasers that can leverage strong magneto-optical interactions.

Could lasers actually have a Kinetic value added to a photon’s energy impact potential?

Bizarre polygons on Mars’ surface hint that alien life on Red Planet was possible | Live Science

What type of alien life would form polygonal networks in the drying ocean floor? Most likely some type of species that was passing on nutrients and the seed of the alien life to most nutrient rich section of the slowly dying marsh or wetland. Trees and mushrooms might form a similar web as some trees and mushrooms co-habitate and share nutrients.

CID discovers propulsion that does not require propellant.


Wow, they reinvented the overbalanced wheel perpetual motion machine! In space!! :rofl:

Now listen boys and girls: the asymmetrical force produced by the weights in one half of their rotation is counterbalanced by the force needed so those same weights reverse their motion in order to complete the revolution.

“But, but, there are seven hammers going down and only six going up!”
“Yes, until those seven hammers that went down keep circling and go up again using the same force with which they went down”.

That’s Newton’s First, she’s a beetch and never loses… but boneheaded “inventors” will keep trying.

The “CID” does the same as the overbalanced wheel just with centrifugal forces and magnets and yadda yadda… but the atoms in those rotating masses keep changing direction as they spin around an axis with the same force they produced/required while they moved in the opposite direction. Also, magnets pull in both directions… when they pull you closer, and when they pull you from going away.

“But, but, if the magnet reverses its poles…”
“Then you would be using energy to spin around the atoms generating the magnetic field. Did I mention N-First is a beetch and never loses?”

Weird Blips in Exoplanet Observations Could Be Key to Finding Alien Life

n the past two and a half years, two next-generation telescopes have been sent to space: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and the ESA’s Euclid Observatory. Before the decade is over, they will be joined by NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope (RST), Spectro-Photometer for the History of the Universe, Epoch of Reionization, and Ices Explorer (SPHEREx), and the ESA’s PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars (PLATO) and ARIEL telescopes. These observatories will rely on advanced optics and instruments to aid in the search and characterization of exoplanets with the ultimate goal of finding habitable planets.

Bow shock is another means of detecting whether or not the planet is capable of supporting life.
In astrophysics, a bow shock occurs when the magnetosphere of an astrophysical object interacts with the nearby flowing ambient plasma such as the solar wind. For Earth and other magnetized planets, it is the boundary at which the speed of the stellar wind abruptly drops as a result of its approach to the magnetopause. For stars, this boundary is typically the edge of the astrosphere, where the stellar wind meets the interstellar medium.[1] -Wikipedia

Since the Earth’s magnetosphere interacts differently with solar winds due to components within the magnetosphere being responsible for keeping Earth habitable, there would be small variables in the data of a bow shock event that would be consistent with a planet that has life on it. The same variables would not be present in bow shock events between lifeless planets and solar winds.

Metallic spheres found on Pacific floor are interstellar in origin, Harvard professor finds.

Teleparallel Gravity - information might be able to escape a black hole after all.

‘Twisty’ new theory of gravity says information can escape black holes after all | Live Science

If a black hole does have an interdimensional link to another Universe or even Primordial Space, then perhaps information from another parallel might actually make it through into our universe.

Oxygen Successfully Produced on Mars | Coast to Coast AM

Not only will humanity be able to survive on Mars through ingenuity, a gift of survival, humanity will be able to provide oxygen to colonies on the Moon and outposts between Mars and the asteroid belt.

During a ‘sprite’ storm, flash the following question into the storm at various EM frequencies.

Humans are one of the only animals on Earth that takes at least 15 years and, in some cases, only 12 or 13 years, to develop the ability to defend ourselves. That teaching would had to have come from an older human adult. That adult was given the same survival methods from another adult, and so forth, back in time until we arrive at the very first human and female male on Earth. Each time period back to the beginning of when humans first used our hands to defend, if not fend for ourselves. If Evolution proves correct, then based on humanities long duration to develop the ability to fend for ourselves, our primal ancestors would have had roughly a year to develop the skills to fend off a one-year-old lion cub. Even at five years to full development of the ability to defend ourselves, humanity would not have been able to survive on Earth. Every other animal on planet Earth has the ability to fend for itself within a year, like the lion cub that at one year old has more than enough ability to fend for itself compared to a human infant at one year old, that cannot. Not even the one-week human infant is able to defend itself compared to the one-week-old wasp, the rattlesnake, the wind. Humanity takes too long to develop the ability to defend ourselves to have evolved on Earth at some point in the last 65 million years. All life on Earth can be traced to primal ancestors that existed on Earth. Humanity has similarities to some primates on Earth, but there is no link. Chimps are stronger than most humans, gorilla’s even stronger. Why would an evolutionary change create humanity from chimps and make humans not as strong as well as taking longer to develop the ability to fend for ourself? Evolution says that only the strong survive, the weak must perish, natural selection of the fittest. Why would the apes even have the ability to create a genetic offshoot such as humans, why not evolve as humans evolved? Why would ape genetics carry the code to design a species that would be more dominant then the ape themselves? We’re the apes the carry of humanity from another world that was brought to Earth by the Dino-killer asteroid? Do you realize how illogical and unprobeable such a thing would be?

Granted, if we did come the ape, and are more intelligent but very fragile until we develop the ability to fend and conquer, why would the ape even allow such a species to live? Where would humanity have sheltered on the Earth where there weren’t any monsters, but only food and water, that allowed humanity to take a long time to develop the ability to fend for itself without a single threat from a single predator?

Each word in each sentence would have a corresponding EM range associated with how the effected brain sector reacts to each word in the sentence. Ask the storm in its own language and you might get a response.

This could be it, the evidence we’ve been waiting for. The article was posted 4 hours ago from now.

If this molicule is only thought to be produced by life then I would like a full explanation as to why they are finding it on this planet.

If there is no life on the planet then I would like a full explanation as to where the belief that this molecule is only present where life exists comes from. Science cannot give us the answers if we don’t understand the science.

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Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope may have discovered tentative evidence of a sign of life on a faraway planet.

It may have detected a molecule called dimethyl sulphide (DMS). On Earth, at least, this is only produced by life.

What would cause the JWST to return a false positive of DMS? Are there any other interactions in space that could create DMS with the DMS coming from a lifeform?

Is DMS able to be tracked in space and just not around planets?

The planet is 1.1 million billion km away. That’s a long way away. Could the finding of DMS actually be from a planet much closer to Earth?

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Dimethyl sulfide (DMS ) or methylthiomethane is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2S. The simplest thioether, it is a flammable liquid that boils at 37 °C (99 °F) and has a characteristic disagreeable odor. It is a component of the smell produced from cooking of certain vegetables, notably maize, cabbage, beetroot, and seafoods. It is also an indication of bacterial contamination in malt production and brewing. It is a breakdown product of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), and is also produced by the bacterial metabolism of methanethiol

DMS boils at 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perhaps the planet in question is being ‘cooked’ and the plants are giving off DMS. Maybe a mereorite strike impacted the planet and ejected enough "cooked cabbage’ into the atmosphere for DMS to be detected by JWST.

Scientists need to create models of how much DMS would have been present in the atmosphere after the Dino Killer roid struck

In organic chemistry, an organic sulfide (British English sulphide ) or thioether is an organosulfur functional group with the connectivity R−S−R’ as shown on right. Like many other sulfur-containing compounds, volatile sulfides have foul odors.[1] A sulfide is similar to an ether except that it contains a sulfur atom in place of the oxygen. The grouping of oxygen and sulfur in the periodic table suggests that the chemical properties of ethers and sulfides are somewhat similar, though the extent to which this is true in practice varies depending on the application.

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Plants cannot exist without microbial life right? As I say I think this might be it, the first sign of any life outside of earth. I hope they are working over-time on this.

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Plants cannot exist without microbial life right?

Can naturally produced methane gas exist without bacteria or plants?

Where does most natural methane come from?

Overview of Greenhouse Gases | US EPA

Methane is also emitted from a number of natural sources. Natural wetlands that are not managed or changed by human activity are the largest source, emitting CH4 from bacteria that decompose organic materials in the absence of oxygen.

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I recently watched Ancient Aliens: Top 3. The Cart Ruts are very interesting. The ruts remind me of a train depot network. If you map out the location of each cart rut, focusing on the shape created in between the cart ruts could, theoretically, create the outline of a cargo ship. The cart ruts were a type of rail networks that the inhabitants in the ship created. Most of the ruts appear to branch outwards suggesting the network being used was maybe an equipment network the aliens used to send out probes to collect samples. Or maybe some type of mining operation. But what would the aliens have been looking for? The aliens would need to keep their technological signature very small, maybe something was hunting them. The aliens would then have employed humans they had brought with them, theory on that later on, humans could have used mule drawn carts to transport resources to and from the cargo/seeder ship. The cart ruts leading down into the oceans could have been used to gather water that was then used to convert into fuel for their ship. Once the aliens finished, they packed up and left, leaving humans behind on Earth, with the foundational knowledge of the wheel, wagon, leather, using clay as a storage vessel, animal husbandry, direction and movement, resource gathering and transport. All of that knowledge, but without one thing.

The Door

This is the theory I was going to tell you about. Humans take up to 15 years of age to develop the ability to fend for ourselves. Look at all of the other species on Earth. The lioness has cubs that are born with ability to fend for itself within a years’ time, maybe less. The gazelle, even faster.
The snake and ant have even faster rates of being able to fend for themselves. 99% of all life on Earth are able to fend for themselves within a one years’ time. Even the chimp and the wasp develop the ability to fend for themselves before humanity is able to. In a violent environment of the past, humans would not have been able to survive, our rate of growth, specifically, the ability to defund ourself. The possibility of humans coming from apes does not sound probable either. In a violent world, where life evolves the ability to fend for itself very rapidly or you go extinct, humanity could not exist. In order for humanity to have enjoyed a long period of learning the ability to fend of ourselves, humanity would have needed to have been in a very secure location where not a single predator could reach. A place where the human could reach sentient dominance of thought over animal but still needing to learn one thought process.
Humanity was probably put on Earth by an alien species similar to humans to learn, Purpose.

Cart Ruts In the Water

There is an aspect of evolution that states humans came the ocean and that humans somehow evolved from a fish species. Water is a great shield to keep a probing enemy out. The ruts leading into the ocean could been railways down into the depths of the ocean where seeder ship was located. The railways transported humans to and from the alien seeder ship gathering resources while giving humans the same ability of the humans in the Door. The human from fish story could be a layer to the pods that carried humans to and from the seeder ship. The clear bubble of the pod that the humans looked out of while traveling to and from the surface could be the eye of a fish, the scales must be an analogy of how the pod was shaped. Travelling in the pod through the ocean without drowning, could mean the entire body of fish that travelled through the water normally, where we cannot but at the same time, the fish cannot go where we are, without taking our environment with us.

The Habitable Zone

There definitely is a habitable zone around each type of star in the Universe. The Red Zone would be a habitable zone around a star that could not sustain a habitable planet within the Habitable Zone. The Yellow Zone would be zones around stars that have favorable conditions for life to exist in the Habitable Zone, and the Green Zone, which for an obvious reason, purpose.

There is also nearly an infinite number of human design tracts in the habitable zone. Our habitable zone is 0.95 to 1.15 AU in width. Earth’s orbit around our sun is just one tract, one plane or dimension. Another Earth like planet on an orbit around the sun the same as Earth’s orbit but with a ten-degree offset, would have life very similar to life on Earth. Each tract allowing nearly an infinite strand within life’s genome, the human genome, to be different. But not exactly like the life on Earth, very, very similar though, thus allowing interbreeding of species within the Green Zone.

Humans that could have been nurtured in a secure place and then placed in each tract at a mature age with the ability to fend for itself to evolve to how each tract shaped the body of the developing human life.


Interview - Redirecting...

  1. Determine the tract or orbital path of the Earth around the Sun.
  2. Determine the total number of orbital paths or tracts Earth can take around our own Sun within the Habitable Zone.
  3. Determine what life might look like when a habitable planet’s tract is 10% closer or farther away from the Sun then Earth is.
  4. Determine where the alien world resides within the Habitable Zone of tracts, based on Earth’s tracts and all possible life bearing tracts within the habitable zone to determine if life might exist.

Let’s try to fry Frontier’s brain.

Astronomers may have discovered the closest black holes to Earth

Scientists think two, or even three, black holes could live just about 150 light years from our planet.

Astronomers may have discovered the closest black holes to Earth | Space

Not very reassuring, is it?

Scientists think two, or even three, black holes could live just about 150 light years from our planet.

If there are three blackholes within 150 light years from Earth, an alien planet or ship might be hiding in between the black holes that keeps Earth based telescopes from finding them.

If aliens have visited Earth and continue to do so, either a planet or large base would be needed to facilitate their exploration. A planet or ship in direct alignment with the black hole to the Earth without being consumed by the black hole would allow the planet ship or planet to remain concealed due to how the black hole would affect the light around the planet ship or planet.

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