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Just like Laptops and desktop PC’s and Smart Phones operating systems and programs switch off unused programs and monitors usage to save energy? Both your robot and operating systems do this because they are programmed to.

The human body does the same thing.

The thalamus acts as a relay for information from the senses to the cerebral cortex (the covering of the brain that interprets and processes information from short- to long-term memory). During most stages of sleep, the thalamus becomes quiet, letting you tune out the external world.

Sit back in your easy reclining chair, and come fly through the stratosphere of the mind.
Mysterious unidentified sounds recorded in stratosphere | CNN

I get your point but the reason why we know this is because we “think” Someone a long time ago was obviously curious about human anatomy “thinking” and then went on to study and experiment (action as a result of thinking) and found the existance of the Thalamus and cerebral cortex and then went on to study further.

I’m sorry but this robot you speak of would never be able to do what we do, (learn about it’s self) it has to already understand which would be the act of a human programming it to understand any type of input.

If that were true, then based on all of the biological processes taking place in the human body that are programmed processes, humanity would never have learned about the self.

I’m certain a metal shell could be created to become self-aware based on energy to loss needs and how the metal shell is programmed to react to a cut hydralic fluid line that mimics a blood artery.

After all, isnt the brain programmed to respond differently to different levels of pain and blood loss? Energetic losses that when programmed into a metal shell would give the metal shell a subconscious to deal with loss of hydralic fluid.

NIF probably forgot to factor in the tilt of the Earth relative to the cube of hydrogen that its was firing the lasers at.

NIF should go back and check the alignment of the stars that were present at the time of the firing, the stars would be inside a spherical dome and around 100 light from Earth to determine which stars would have been affecting the experiment.

Were there any quasars in the sphere pulsing at the time the experiment took place?

Where was the Moon and other planets at relative to the time of firing? Could planetary pull on the Earth at the time of firing possibly have been responsible?

If particle physics creation is symmentrical, then another Universe should exist, opposite the location of where the Big Bang happened.

Time flows in all directions, all the time and never stops.

If the Big Bang created a blast of energy outwards, similar to an artillery round impacting the ground, then perhaps the Big Bang was started by a marshmallow being dropped on a neutron star. Or an immovable force had a small particle collide with.

Otherwise the spontaneous eruption of energy at the point of the Big Bang would have sent matter and energy flying in all ditections that would have created life elsewhere in the Universe at exactly the same moment in time that the seeds of life of Earth started to form in the Void in what I call the Big Bang Ring of Life. Or Ring that travelled outwards from the Big Bang that didnt not have any obstructions in its path to limit the radial force of life in the Ring that orbited the Big Bang in a spiral. If galaxies are spiral in shape, then life in the Ring of Life would also fall into the same star volume as an expanding Big Bang.

More life, like stars, would be present, closer to the Big Bang point of Origin because more life building material would have formed during the moment that life building materials came into existence.

If one tosses fish pellets to 50 Bluegill and the pond is expanded, outwards, every year and the fish are given food, won’t the Bluegills continue to increase their numbers?

The same holds true within the Ring of Life as it rapidly expanded outwards and seeded planets with life.

The point at which the Earth became habitable for the first lifeform with a brain, would be the amount of time that the Ring of Life took to travel from the Point of Origin, either as a pulse or as a plane, cast like a net and then drawn back towards the Point of Origin.

A New Warp Drive Theory

I recently read and article that claimed dropping a marshmallow onto a neutron star would create a tremendous amount of energy.

If only an engine could be developed that generated a micro neutron star that allowed more energetic matter to be collided with the neutron star, then very fast velocities could be obtained.

But how does one create a neutron star where the destructive elements of the neutron star are removed while maintaining the interactions needed to create a tremendous amount of energy when driving matter into the neutron star generator?

With such a tremendous amount of energy released, 1/3 the speed of light might be achievable.

The engines would be reminiscent of the AB and MWD. Both would contain a neutron star generator, but would use differrent matter to generate the thrust potentional

Emelia…pipe down princess.

Scientists grow swirling ‘black hole rings’ in the lab for the 1st time.

Scientists grow swirling 'black hole rings' in the lab for the 1st time | Live Science.

Are scientists getting close to creating a micro-worm hole or is science creating a door through which inter-dimensional beings can stick their heads through and say ‘HI, WANNA BE MY FRIEND?’

TRAPPIST Solar System

Tardigrade or similar types of creatures could very well exist in the TRAPPIST system. Using the closeness of each planet, the TRAPPIST Tardigrades could go into desiccation, move to a new planet and spawn new Tardigrades, thus creating a life cycle between the planets capable of supporting Tardigrades.

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I really haven’t been impressed with the JWSPT. All you had to do with Hubble was Windex the glass clean of space dust and you get the same quality.

SpaceX to launch the first test payload for a bold new drug development company | CNN Business

Manufacturing drugs in space could possibly make the drugs more resilient to drug resilient bacteria.

The gravity in LEO and beyond changes the structure of manufactured drugs during the manufacturing process.

A crucial ingredient for life was found in a plume of icy water gushing out of Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Simply input the crucial ingredient into a probe and begin tracking down traces of it in the solar system.

Quasars reveal the early universe moved slower than it does now | CNN

Of course, life moved slower back then, gravity hadn’t formed into a constant yet, rather gravity hadn’t flowed into a cohesive element. An element that causes, time, the interaction between atoms and the space between atoms, to speed up yet.

NASA’s Curiosity rover spots a strange bone-like rock on Mars | Daily Mail Online

Fish like spines found on rock on Mars.

It’s doubtful that the spines on the rock were created by wind, wind currents constantly change as the environment changes shape, due to erosion.

If wind was the cause of the spines on the rock, then the same phenomena would also have been found on Earth. But since the author of the story doesn’t have any pictures of rock formations from Earth with the same spines, then the phenomena is unique to Mars and something other than the wind is present.

Where did the interstellar object 'Oumuamua come from? Its speed could tell us

Where did the interstellar object 'Oumuamua come from? Its speed could tell us | Space

'Oumuamua may have lacked the water to grow a tail because it came from a planetary system rich in heavy elements.

A nearby supernova nearly blew our solar system to bits 4 billion years ago, new research suggests.

A nearby supernova nearly blew our solar system to bits 4 billion years ago, new research suggests | Live Science

interesting new process when determining how life came to be on Earth.

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BERKELEY – The truth is out there—and researchers at University of California, Berkeley are determined to find it with a new method announced in a scientific journal Tuesday for finding possible extraterrestrial life through radio signals from space.

If biological cells vibrate at a certain frequency, then Quantum Gravity would be the foundation of those frequencies. Quantum Gravity that creates cellular vibration would also exist at the foundation of DNA and RNA. Frequencies that would be very specific and most likely would result from atoms interacting with exotic matter that is very rare across the Universe in some places but abundant in other places.

If we were able to track Quantum Gravity and vibrations of cells in an embryo the, right before fertilization takes place and then to the moment that the natural sexual organs begin to develop, we might be able to determine the frequencies that created the very first male and female cell patterns in the Universe. Frequencies that could be used to determine paths of life in the Universe. Basically, a string of life creating Quantum Fluctuations whipping around the Universe that create life on worlds that are billions of years old and some that are new.

One planet that may be devoid of life now, could potentially have life on it after the planet has been determined to not be habitable, just like a planet that should have life on it but doesn’t, could eventually see life created on it by the Life Whip.

Each planet within the habitable zone would have its own, unique quantum gravity fluctuation value that when the habitable planet came into contact with the Life Whip, reactions would take place that would then seed the planet with life based on how the quantum frequencies in the Life Whip and quantum frequencies of the planet interacted.