EVE Online Guide: Projectile Turrets

How do Projectile Turrets works?
What does their ammunition do?
What’s the difference between Artillery and Autocannons?
How do I make them better?
All of these questions are answered in the video below.

00:00 Intro
01:32 Projectile Ammo
04:06 Artillery and Autocannons
06:34 Upgrades
09:33 Rigs
11:24 Skills
13:16 Recap and Outro


Nice!! Great overview.

Since autocannons use no capacitor, I sometimes use them on non-Minmatar ships that are very cap hungry or use them in very niche situations.

For example, I put small autocannons on my kite Tristan so I can shoot enemy drones while keeping my drone DPS on the target.

Great vid! o7

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This kind of content should be in the EVE Academy. That’s exactly the kind of information that people expect in an academy that is supposed to introduce you to the intricacies of EVE.

Autos are also very, very easy to fit.
This also lends them great utility on fits that need all their PG for tank, like bait Punishers or other such ships.

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