Is it possible to improve projectile turrets rate of fire?

Hi, I’m an Alpha and I’ve always used Gallente ships and, more recently, Amarr and I like them both. Now I’m trying Minmatar but I find projectile turrets to have such a slow rate of fire… they’re powerful, but it takes definitely too much time to finish a mission firing every 30 seconds…
I specify that actually I only play PvE, so I find hard to use a Minmatar ship to finish a mission against tens of ships, like in level 3 or 4. I already trained rapidfire to level 4, maximum for an Alpha, but they are anyway too slow. Is there something else I can do to improve projectile turrets rate of fire or not?

Use autocannons instead of artillery turrets.


Ok, I know of course that autocannons are faster, but what if I prefer sniping from long range with artillery?

In that case you use railguns. Artillery turrets are for single-target high-alpha damage. They don’t do particularly well in missions and are more suited for large-scale pvp / ganking.


-Gyrostabilizers improve rate-of-fire for projectile weapons (10.5% for the T2 version)
-The Projectile Burst Aerator rigs also increase ROF (10% for the T1 version, 15% for the T2)
-There is also a line of implants: Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Gunnery RF90X (where X is a number between 1 and 6) which increase ROF of all turret-based weapons by 1-6%.
-The Skill Rapid Firing will also increase ROF by 4% per level.
-Also the ship you are flying may have a skill bonus related to your level of the relevant ship-skill.

Bear in mind that all modules and rigs will have stacking penalty with each other,reducing the effectiveness significantly if more than 4 mods affect the same attribute. While there is no penalty to implants and skill bonuses.

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If you are using arty in pve I think it’s important to not group your guns.

also look into a t2 projectile burst aerator, -15% rate of fire is a nice boost. A few gyros and a rate of fire implant should get it down even more.

even with all that I find the rof to be a bit slow and don’t use arty much. for sniping I prefer lasers (tachyons mainly), or railguns.

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Artys are indeed slow, if you are talking about PvE then Autocannons are the way to go.

For long range and extra long range sub-cap sniping type weapons I find cruise missiles the best of all. They are just more flexible as well. With cruise missles at max omega skills, you just go down on DPS a little bit when fitting your ship and put some velocity in there instead and you’re set. With 1 Rigor Rig, 1 Computer and precision missiles you can hit even the fast moving elite frigates at point blank range and kill them in 2-3 volleys.

The reload time is 10 seconds so its easy to MJD + switch ammo to the long range high damage missiles and continue to snipe.

Rails are no good because they don’t have the equivalent of precision ammo of missiles so no matter what you do, you will not be able to hit super fast slow moving targets with them when they get under your guns, only kill them with your drones and that takes too long when you fly a ship that is fitted for all turrets.

Drones are the 2nd good flexible system, assuming you are flying a drone ship, and you get some nice drone tracking, with max skills, drone tracking modules or rigs and different drone types you can vary your accuracy vs applied DPS output mid combat to easily take out frigates with mediums or even heavies. Which again is something you can not do using long range turrets.

I also don’t know how the alpha skill limitations play into this, not sure what you guys can or can not use or how far you can take it. So this may or may not be as applicable as to an omega.

But to sum it all up. Missiles and drones are the flexible weapon platforms that deliver ubiquitous DPS across wide array of ranges from 110+ to mid to point blank, while turrets you end up with either long range for use with MJD, or short range where if you do use an MJD your targets will be out of range.

Also, lasers and hybrids use too much cap IMHO thus dipping too much into active tank fits. This is another of their severe limitations, autocannons are at least better in this regard.

Probably your best bet as an alpha is to look at the angel cartel ships like machariel fit a microwarpdrive and autocannons. Artillery especialy battleship size are mostly useful for pvp

Thank you all for your suggestions

As a comparison, have a look at an Energy Turret fitted Apocalypse - the range bonus makes a Large Pulse Laser fit realistic, and it handles Level 4 missions quite nicely without the cost of faction hulls.
Yes, it’s heavy on capacitor - but reasonable skills, a cap. battery and rechargers help with that. Use Navy Crystals. If you can fit T2 pulses then you’ll see why people like Scorch.
Take a flight of light drones to deal with anything small that gets too close to track.

My normal mission runner is a Beam fitted Apocalypse - it gives an engagement range the match of artillery without the cycle times. The ability to instantly swap crystals as range varies is very useful.
Don’t underestimate Standard Crystals - good damage, medium range and the lowest capacitor use.

I’ve run missions in an Artillery Mealstrom and it feels slow inefficient - possibly because it’s T1 Artillery compared to T2 beams (I wanted to try a Minmatar ship).

The downside you may face is needing to train the Amarr ship line (but there’s some nice ships there) and energy turrets. Also, Amarrian ships are almost always Armour fitted, and you may as a Minmatar flyer be rather shield focused. At least the gunnery skills (tracking, range and so forth) are common.

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