Eve Online Notepad (Folder/Saving) issue - solved

Hello Citizens,

I took the time to work out the very reason behind why a notepad within Eve has such an issue saving a folder with it corresponding notes…

Well I’m please to say no answer has been found since the first post was raised in 2012 - wow…

ok rant over… Remedy: Create your Folder, then attach you note to that folder… Now CLOSE! the notepad Completely and now enjoy the log off. log on and the notes and folder will be saved…

I guess closing the notepad after you make a note acts as a save point.

well that it 4 hours later and over 30 web searches it was as easy as that…

Fly Safe and adjust those much need folder to desire :slight_smile:

[ICGF] Emperor

Bestest remedy is to use a better notepad tool on your platform. The notepad in Eve makes GNote look feature rich.

OneNote or JoplinApp perhaps.

I think notepad in the game should be cut just like the browser and media player.

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