Notepad not loading

Not quite sure if this is the right place. If not, my apologies.

Currently my notepad seems to be stuck loading. I have been away a long time, however, when logging on initially it functioned as expected and my old notes were loaded and usable (I did not edit them or add new notes). Now for a few days, the notepad window seems to be stuck loading (no notes show up, the loading circle in the top corner remains visible, and the buttons are unresponsive), meanwhile, the window is unusable (i.e. I can’t move it, however, I can close it).

I have left it open for at least several minutes to half an hour on several occasions, yet this did not help. I have also cleared the game cache (twice), also without success.

I am unsure if this is an issue with the client or the server. I’m not quite sure whether it is a bug report or not. Are there any other steps I can take to attempt to fix this issue? I’ve thought about uninstalling and reinstalling the client, but this seems like overkill.

I’m awaiting advice. Thanks in advance!

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Same things for me, but sometimes it’s ok…

:roll_eyes: :expressionless: :thinking:

Yeah, I’ve had this problem for MONTHS… I’ve raised two bug reports with CCP with no reply.

I have a Alt which does not experience this problem. I’ve spoken to other players, some do whilst some don’t have this issue…

CCP please respond with a fix (or at least acknowledge the problem and tell us if you are sorting it out or not).

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