Sharing Notes/Creating Basic Documents which open in an in-game EVE window

This sounds trivial aside from any data considerations, though I appreciate it might have been mentioned before, but over the years I’ve really felt like this would have made so many of my interactions much easier.

I want to be able to create a ‘document’, or a note that can be shared and opened by anyone. Clicking on a link to the note would open up the note - that’s literally it.

The existing notes interface is great, but I wish I could just drag the note into chat for someone else to read. There could be a special ‘Public’ folder in the notes section which allows anyone else with a reference to click it.

I don’t think copying and pasting the same text from my notes region into an EVE-mail and sending it to someone every time someone wants it is appropriate, and I don’t always want to only share it with corp members. It means I have to replace all the links and formatting and is a royal PITA.

A limit of 8,000 characters would be great, the possibility to have multiple ‘pages’ would be even better. But really I just wish I could create a note that someone could open and it pop up a little eve window. Previously the in-game web browser would have filled this void.

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This was one of the things the ingame browser was good for.



If only the browser wasn’t a security vulnerability for injecting malware.

Yes, a public link-able notes feature (that optionally does not show who is viewing) would be a tremendous QoL update to traders and lore players.

Creating chat channels for the purpose of shareable notes in the MOTD can only take you so far. Formatting those can be a PITA and not everyone wants to join chats for fear of giving out intel.

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googledocs works.

I’m incredibly against this as it detracts from the ingame experience. I absolutely detest having to send corp-mates or others information in the form of a URL - having a means to enhance the in-game context with information written by players/corps can only add to the experience, plus it would do wonders for in-game lore, most of which surrounds player-to-player interaction.

well you are playing spreadsheets online so…

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