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Not too good in English, sorry, hope you’ll undertand me well enough.

Eve is a lot about different information: guides, fits, corporation and alliances infos e.t.c. Small corps use bulletins and chat motd, bigger alliances even create web sites. But everything of that isn’t really good way because it’s not comfortable to use that: bulletins and motd are lack of navigation, web sites cannot use in-game links so you can’t instantly see fits, modules, characters info in game. What I suggest here is a feature, I called “NESP” - New Eden Starlinked Pages (I just came up with this, there may be any name of course).

NESP is a combination of irl Web service and Eve online information. Actually it’s just a Notepad where you can get a link to each note and send it to anyone or put it anywhere in game so everyone can use it to see that note.

How it should work.

At first, you’ll get NESP in Neocom. There you can create or edit Pages for Yourself, Corporation or Alliance (last two is only if you are allowed to). When you create a new Page, you set the name for it.
All texts you edit here like in notepad with all it’s text formatting capabilities. Also, you may choose who can open this link (everyone, corp members, alli members, members with titles).

After you created the page, you can drag’n’drop link to this page as you use all other links to fits, characters, systems e.t.c, anywhere you want.
Click on any link opens special like browser window, where anyone can read content of that page. Link to current page also may be drag’n’dropped by page name on the top of browser…

I bet feature like this will make players feel much better.
Thanks in advance.


This would be grossly inferior to actual websites - why invent an inferior wheel when anyone can put together an actual website quickly and easily free of charge? You don’t even need to buy a domain or webhosting if you don’t want to.

You can create read-only in-game player channels that act like webpages so you can store EVE-specific links like Overview Settings, Inventory Filters, Channel Links, etc. You can apply access controls to them, too, and passwords, so people other than those in corp/alliance can join

As I told at the first sentences, chat motd and bulletins is a kludge, you just cannot combine all actual alliance/corporation information in one neat look with good navigation thru themes.
And websites is not a comfy way to share game information: fits, systems, characters, modules. This is game things, so you want to get info about it right in game, like, if you told me about system, I want instantly check how far away it’s from me, instead of setting my destination in game I need at first find that system by myself, that sucks. If you told noob what skills he must learn first… how good you’ll feel ALT-Tabing and searching for every skill? Same way with a lot of other things. Web sites are good for photos of your alliance irl meetings, but not for things you actually use in game.

Now we have come full circle. Eve used to have an actual web browser in game. You could go to any website in the world just like you can in Chrome or Firefox or whatever else you use. It was removed a while back and never replaced. If I remember correctly the issue with the web browser was it was too much effort to constantly keep updated to security standards and also keep it functional in the game client.

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I don’t think he means an actual web browser though. I think he means something more along the lines of Freenet in being it’s own private thing not accessible from the outside.

For some reason I didn’t see the first several sentences of your first paragraph, only the last few - major oversight on my part. But outside of being unable to post pictures, why can’t you just use read-only player channels to serve as web pages? Like all EVE-specific links in there with existing functionality and access controls enabling those outside corp/alliance to access.

I didn’t mean to add webbrowser back in game ><

This is another same kludge. There may be a lot of information: pvp fits for home def, roaming pvp fits, pve fits, alliance rules, required skills for new players and so on and so forth. So it requires streamlining which is impossible with motd and also not comfortable to use.

I don’t know how you set up your MOTDs but the read-only player channels I have set up are very nice and neat and well organized. And the things you just mentioned are best set in actual webpages just like everyone else has them. In-game pages are best used for EVE-specific links like Overview settings, filters, systems/stations, filters, links to other channels, etc.

The reality is that it is a requirement to Alt+Tab to play EVE because every activity you do will benefit from using the web browser or voice comms - this is not a bad thing. This is true for both newbies and pros, for PVE, PVP, Exploration, Industry, Marketing, and other fields. If you set up your game to run in Windowed Mode, you can maximize it to be full screen but when you alt+tab there is no delay going back and forth like there is in Fullscreen mode. CCP shouldn’t have to spend time and money to create a crappy in-game web page system when you can use existing functionality create read-only in-game channels that covers all the functionality you are describing (minus images) and if you want more you can quickly and easily create a free web page and alt+tab like everyone else.

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