Is there something like an "internet" for capsuleers?

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I’ve been looking at the Recruitment tab for corporations in game. I’d like to answer by ingame mail to one of those, but for roleplay purposes I can’t find anywhere if there is something like an “internet” for capsuleers. Or maybe there is some sort of “information boards” into stations ? How would capsuleers share ads, contracts and stuff ?
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Hi Tyncherion, welcome!

Everything in-game can be used in RP. Replying by ingame mail (aka evemail) is totally acceptable. :slight_smile: If you’re writing to an RP corporation, I’d highly recommend writing in the voice of your character. Though if you don’t, or if you’re not comfortable doing that yet, nobody will really fault you for it.

Lore-wise, the internet in New Eden is known as GalNet. (It was developed by the Gallente Federation, but is now used throughout the cluster.)

Additionally, we use the ingame chat function to conduct a metric shitton of RP. These are operated via “fluid routers” which 9 times out of 10 can support the use of audio/video and even holograms, rather than just text like the RL experience. Typically RPers will explain what their particular chat supports in the MOTD, “message of the day,” which preloads when you open the chat.

If the corporation you’re interested in has a chat listed in the ad, you are 100% clear to use it. Again, it’s usually better to interact with them in-character, but you can skate by on newbieness.

The “OOC” ingame chat can be a great place to get to know RPers as well.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


What she said.

Also, the recruitment ads in the Neocom are, IC, recruitment ads in the Neocom. There is an in-character corporation interface that you can see them on, just like you can see them in the game.

EVE is practical that way.


Thank you very much for your answers.
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