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This is Rookie Help MOTD:

[12:22:49] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Welcome to the EVE Rookie Help Channel! For all your EVE related questions.

Prohibited in this channel: Trading or other financial interactions; begging; recruitment, soliciting, or advertising of any sort; political (ingame or out) or other offtopic discussion. Swearing, trolling, spam, typing in caps, text decoration, or being otherwise disruptive…

Useful Links: Rookie Resources
Patch notes / Support Tickets
Game Rules, EULA, ToS / Exploits
Advanced Tutorials: Card - Career Agents
Level 1 Epic Arc: Speak to Sister Alitura at Arnon
EVE Uni Wiki:
The Alphas Guide:
Reporting a bug: press F12 / How to File a Good Bug Report

This channel is English only. Russian Help (Помощь), German Help (Hilfe), French Help (Aide), Korean Help (도움)

How a New Eve Online Player find their way to Eve Online Forum pages ?
What is the forum page visibility lvl for new pilots what is the percentage?
IS there any spesific reason keep Forum pages under new pilots radar ?

I have seen much more effective corp MOTDs focused on directing people to the right sources and answers…

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Fleebix @CCP_Convict

The various player-to-player interaction venues off-game are all linked under ‘Finding Wingmen’ in the Rookie Resources page.

It’s not amazing placement, but it’s there, along with links to other services like Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit.

Oh yes i have to roll my mouse wheel like 50 times up and down to find that out…
You mean this link??? Calling All New Players! Updated Rookie Resources! | EVE Online

i mean… really ??..

Im not questioning here if it exist or not …
I am questioning its effectiveness and visibility .
Forum Pages are extremely important aspect for online communities SOCIAL INTEGRATION … and i have mentioned so many times before that CCP doesnt have any SI politics … and zero understanding about leading and managing… thats also one of basic reason of bad player retention rates…

As long as they ignore this perspective they will never be able to make it out …

Im just showing some reflections …some small to chew easily to sort stuff for now. For bigger deal they have to deal with someone professional… and if they think they have it… fire it in first hand … Because my first-hand experience… they don’t have that holistic approach by all means …

@CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Convict @CCP_Fleebix

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