Not very inviting

I’ll preface this, before people jump to conclusions, with that I’m not talking about “evil pvpers” or scammers or whatever nor is this about the game being unforgiving or difficult to get in to. I’m not talking about people playing the game, I’m talking about some of the players as people. I’ve been playing for some 3+ weeks now in total, it’s not that I’m thin skinned or anything but some things just really stand out that make it less likely for new players to keep playing or even start at all.

The General forums are a mess of the same people being terrible in every thread, all the time. There’s very little informative or constructive posting going on and pretty much all threads degenerate into rage and nonsense, and it’s always the same people doing the same things.

Anyone interested in the game wanting to check it out and made the mistake of reading the forums might very well just decide to not even bother, it’s really that bad. It’s in fact far worse than any other game forum I’ve seen outside some kiddie games but EVE is not a kiddie game. It’s probably the worst form of advertisement this game has, if I were to run a company I’d take care of posters who continue to mess it all up.

The Rookie Help channel has its ups and downs, there are some regulars who are very active and very helpful but there’s also some who, instead of spreading their knowledge, use their time to troll or misinform people or be entirely elitist. That and the spam/trolls of course. Sometimes there’s a mod and then the channel elevates to a higher standard but mods don’t seem to be around very often.

Then there’s the incessant recruitment mail spam, several times a day and It’s pretty much always for the same corp. If you block the person doing it they’ll use another, if you block the corp they’ll use one from another corp in the alliance, if you block the alliance they’ll use a fresh alt who then gets deleted after the mail spam.

Setting CSPA charge doesn’t stop them either and the only solution seems to be to block everyone but that makes mail fairly useless as a concept. Why do people have to block everyone JUST because one corp can’t seem to act within reason?

It’s not the game itself that’s the problem, it’s some of its players (and seemingly just a small portion) who continuously make the game VERY uninviting to new players. Lets call it “a lack of class”.

Just wanted to get this off my chest.


90% of the frequent posters from last year are gone or banned. If you think the forums are bad now, you simply have no idea of the before and after.


Do you think it works, so they pay to send you mail?

I have already thought about using this as an alternative source of income :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps but “it was worse before” is not somehow a legitimate excuse or reason for the state it is in right now. New players don’t care about how it used to be, they only run into the reality of how it is now.


If the moderators tighten things up even more, there will be nobody left except the people who come on here periodically to ask for PvP to be banned.


The ISK goes to CONCORD not your personal wallet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t know. Look at it this way:

Because ONE corp spams new players to hell and back they pretty much force us to block ALL mails, so a very small group makes it impossible for the rest to interact in a “normal”, possibly meaningful, way.

Same with the forums, a FEW people spam the forums to a point where everyone else just looks away in disgust, the equivalent of “blocking the forums”. A very small group makes it impossible for everyone else to interact in a normal way. If that ■■■■ posting would stop happening that void would be filled, after some time, with actual normal content.

“It’s bad, just accept it” is not how things should be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not under the impression that it would be amazing but right now there’s zero reason to ever post anything in the General Forums which seems kinda counter productive.



I like this place.

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There is a useful block function on this forums. It is useful for getting rid of “people being terrible” as you put it. I’m all for listening to views, but when one of the pendants or autists gets on roll and sucks all the oxygen out of a thread it is best just to block 'em. Your time is too valuable, and once you have assessed their posts are have too low a signal-to-noise value, just get rid of them. This is good general advice for social media and forums - be quick to block.

The same applies in game. I agree, it is bad behaviour to spam newbies from multiple accounts to evade any mail blocks. I don’t think they are intentionally doing that, but it is a side-effect of their ESI-based email spamming system. Perhaps CCP could introduce a per-corp block feature and make a rule all corp recruitment has to be done from in-corp so at least you could make the worst offender we are both talking about go away?

That said, this is really just an annoyance. Make a one-man corp and you won’t be spammed nearly as much. Or at least, you will only be spammed by scammers, traders and hypernetters, not newbie exploiters/recruiters. CCP probably has more important things they could be doing to help new players like you, like improving rookie chat or the NPE.


The normal way for people to interact with each other is to spit hateful epithets at anybody who disagrees with them. Go anywhere on the internet to witness this.


I would say that in this controlled environment where the company that runs the game has a very clear and obvious reason to have some form of normalcy and inviting environment, they should probably do so.

As said earlier: don’t just make excuses for why it is as it is. Other games can do it too, so can EVE. Be better.


I am not making excuses. I strongly disagree with you.

Eve is not an inviting game. It allows most of us to behave in ways that are not allowed in real life - and do things that we must fully repress from our IRL personas. That is what we love about it. Your idea to make Eve into a progressive, socially-aligned, welcoming, friendly universe is not something I would ever support. If I wanted to be nice and helpful then I would just do it in real life.


I never stated such a thing, as said I’m fine with the evil pvper stuff, the scamming and whatnot. I’m fine with it being difficult to get in to.

I’m just NOT fine with the normal/oficial means of communications (the forums, Rookie channel and in game mail) being hijacked by a handful of antisocial annoying Ftards who fck it up for everyone else.


EVE isn’t your “safe space.” No one is forcing you to play this game, btw.


Even so, it doesn’t make it good for the new folks .


Xanthellus is yet another new arrival (2 weeks) who wants everything changed on a 17 year old game based on their butthurt about a few of the players apparent social attitude.

Xeux This deserves more than just a ‘Heart’ Emoji… Seconded ! :clap:


welcome to eve \o/


True. These forums really suck. But anyone who is casually checking out Eve Online is likely stopping at r/Eve before anything else. Reddit is bigger than most of their social medias combined.


I feel you on most of what you posted. Yet, most of it has workarounds and quick solutions. Some of those are provided by the devs, others are solved by a single click and yet others can be figured out with common sense.
I’ve received 3 corporation mails in two days. That’s not a lot. I just trashed them after quickly reading them and checking the corp info. Do not want to be in corporation with 500 capsuleers in it. I got invited in the corp I belong to now. Those were very easy Delete clicks, no effort on my part beside my finger working for a second of my life.
The Help Chat isn’t so uninviting. I got quick helpful replies and left as soon as I got them. Reading chat isn’t why I downloaded the game. I can reopen the chat for further questions anytime I need.
As for the General Discussion section, I don’t see the use of that at all so I read it to see if there’s some info I can use but beyond that it’s rather a waste of my time.
You can’t control what people will say/do/post and I would hope they’re free to do/say things as long as the rules/laws aren’t infringed upon. This forum has a Community Team. Let them deal with it.
You need thicker skin, my friend. EVE is known for it’s community of hardasses and trolls.
The best advice I can give you is: ignore what doesn’t help you.