What has kept me playing for just over a month now

With the shitstorm happening all over reddit about toxcicity and my experiences so far, I thought it would be a good time to list some of the things that have kept me playing this game.
Initially this UI was overwhelming and a lot of things did not make sense. I met some patient people in rookie help chat, and then got invited to a corporation that is absolutely full of helpful and kind people. Between youtube videos and the people I have met, I think I’ve gained a solid foundation to work from, but unfortunately not everyone has that luck.
A few things that have kept me logging in when I could have gone to any other game, or just kept watching netflix and such;
Mumble and Discord. I have found that when I’ve run into boring patches in game, being able to speak to and hear the people I associate with has been very helpful and rewarding. There are a lot of things about this game that it just takes too much time to type out to guide people. It’s much faster when you’re talking instead of typing. Getting to know people and building connections is the best part of this game so far.
The ability to play with the skill queue and simulation of ships. As a new player, I basically want to do everything right now. I’m not alone in that, and for some people it is too frustrating and too long of a process to be able to get anywhere. I found that reading the skills, playing with the skill queue and discussing which skills might be most beneficial to be extremely satisfying. Same with simulating fits. I spend literally hours every day just sitting here simulating ships, most of which I can’t fly. Not only does it give me familiarity with all the various modules and ship purposes, but it also gives me a list of skills I need in order to use what I am simulating. Yesterday i was watching the CCP stream and I noticed the guy was using a 3rd party app that essentially took the wonder and beauty of simulating ships into a spreadsheet of numbers. To each their own.
These forums. This is a double edge sword and there is a lot to unpack. In game I have met almost exclusively nice and helpful people that are fun to be around. On these forums though, it can easily be a different story. The paranoia, the name calling, the scapegoating and the victim blaming here is ridiculous. I like to argue though, so for me it makes for a counter balance with the easy pace of the game. I have noticed though, that a lot of people will say stuff then act like i’m an asshole for responding. My opinions have evolved over time and can be referenced throughout multiple forum threads. Yet they like to say I’m unable to change my opinion, while they are absolutely against any opinions other than their own. A bit like the pot calling the kettle black, but with a bunch of pots sitting back and supporting the first pot for calling the kettle black. This place is pure mob mentality. I’ve noticed that even the isd’s follow the same tactics and will erase and lock posts made in good faith but do absolutely nothing about clear cyber bullying. Whether you agree it exists or not, these forums are where a lot of it happens. With that being said though, there is a whole lot of information and perspectives to read through, which is honestly the best part of these forums.
The ability to play for free and not with a time limit. I am disabled and by definition poor. Because of that, my computer does not meet a single bit of the minimum system requirements, yet I am still able to play. If I didn’t get a little extra money here and there, I could still very well be playing as an alpha character. There is nothing that forces me to pay to play this game, even if the majority of the game is locked behind a paywall. There is still a lot you can do without spending cash, and unlike most mmo’s i’ve ever played there is a way to gain subscription status just by playing. There are, of course, limitations which can be very frustrating. It’s human nature, or maybe just my cultural nature to want it all and want it now. This actually serves as motivation to keep my nose to the grinder so that I can eventually one day have it all in this game. Even if I fail on that front, I’ve been able to find the avenues of game play that I enjoy.
Difficulty and overcoming it. My first day I did some career missions and got a venture. That sucker took forever to kill npc pirates, and it took a lot of damage. Fast forward to just a month later and I barely notice npc pirates when I mine. However, I also do missions and I really enjoy how frustrating those npc’s can become. The little suckers like to kill drones, which forces me to keep on my toes and manage my ship and drones or lose more isk than I gain. In that regard, just a month in, I find that this game is very engaging.
Visuals. All together, while this is an older game it has wonderful graphics even on my potato computer. The skyboxes are amazing. I can’t see the best graphics on my computer, but when I watch youtube and twitch streams I get to see what this game has to offer and I am highly impressed. In the past, a lot of space games have been very cartoony, or based on starwars. This game seems to have taken that whole mentality and taken it out to the woodshed and shot it dead. Visually, this game is stunning. Audio is extremely good.
Bandwidth this game has a very low impact on my internet bandwidth. We get free but limited internet data packages with rent, and when I used to play wow we’d hit that mark pretty quick and then I’d be unable to play anything, even videos for a week or two. Unless I wanted to pay extra, which being on disability is not easy to do. So I am really thankful that this game takes very little bandwidth and data.
Customer Support is on point. While some isd’s are a bit shady, the GM’s are very helpful and nice. Because of them, a trial account I made nearly 16 years ago is mine again. GM Lukia contacted me on my first day and handed me a bunch of stuff to get me started, which also gave me some skills to work through. Out of all the games I’ve ever played, the customer support for eve seems to be the most on point.
I bring all this up for a few reasons. First, if all I knew about eve was the shitstorm happening on reddit, I would think that this game is full of pedophile sex criminals and back stabbing assholes. The sad part is, that is the exact opinion that the general public has towards eve and its community. I don’t know why, but a lot of you like to air your dirty laundry in public. The public doesn’t like to see the streaks on your underwear.
You can do better, you can be better. I like to think I am a small part of this community now since I have chosen to become an eve addict, and I hope to convince other people to join as well. That is extremely hard to do when every social media out there is filled with negativity coming from this community. If you like this game, or ever did, you have a responsibility to make it better.


eve community is great
the “toxic” part is highly overstated
people mistake pretending to be a space pirate and shooting pixel space ships with real life villainy

most EVE players kinda work like this

situation 1

the game is bad , yada yada , i lost a ship, yada yada
booooo, HTFU ,noob, git gud , go away


situation 2
yay , im a noob , but i kinda like this game , i want to learn more
you are a cool guy mate , come here i can teach you some , lets be fiends



Errr I think that’s CCP/PA’s responsibility.


Do yourself a favor and don’t put so much time into EvE. Don’t be an addict, play a game some.

If you don’t know it already, maybe check out ablegamers.org

This forum is just a shadow of it’s former sellf(s). Some might say that’s not unlike the game itself, actually… Even at it’s highest engagement level, EvE Forums never had close to a majority of EvE plauys interacting with it.

r/eve is a wretched hive of scum and villany. A SSOTD is just sop.

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Yeah olmeca warned us about the evil conservative menace plaguing r/eve, turns out he was right. There is no reason for moderator sof a gaming subreddit to moderate it inline with their political idealogy. If CCP doesn’t want to make pushes to get better moderators, they need to shut down r/eve as it is hurting their brand.

Do I understand correctly that you are suggesting r/Eve is owned by CCP? :thinking: Because as far as I know reddit subs have independent mods not affected by the official entity they are about, though I assume a big one like Star Wars and such might be an exception to this but to my knowledge CCP specifically has no influence on mods of r/Eve mods, so they can’t really do anything about it.


no, you have a responsibility as part of this community. ccp isnt responsible for how people act towards each other, especially when using 3rd party services.


So what do you propose we do? It’s pretty much impossible to remove an alliance leader that both doesn’t want to leave and understands game mechanics.

i try to be a nice person
i take no responsibility for what other people are doing wen im playing a spaceship video game

Your name isnt befitting if you don’t know how to take out hostile leaders.

What hostile leader did their name sake take out?

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after a little over a year, I can tell you that those “people” are usually the real ones…

Good idea and nice OP, good read.
I did check out r/eve but didn’t bother because the discussions are way worse than here. Looks like a bunch of 5yo posting over on reddit. Plus I don’t usually use reddit. Even the Steam forum are better than reddit.

Same for me. I looked at the UI and felt I was in a 777 cockpit. I knew I’d be spending a lot of time watching vids and reading info on the Net.
I didn’t even bother with rookie help, not my style. I’m too used to learning and doing things by myself. I haven’t stopped searching online since.

I’m glad that works for you. I personally prefer keeping to myself. I may respond on in-game chat if it piques my curiosity but that’s it.

I agree with you there. I can spend hours playing with fits for ships I may never fly and the skill queue is hypnotizing.

This forum can be interesting sometimes but yeah, most of the time it’s people who have to belittle others to make themselves feel better. It’s not exclusive to this forum.
But there are interesting threads on the daily here, even if they’re started by trolls, some of the discussions are very interesting… I mean, when ISD don’t shut them down.

Yep. Surprisingly playable for free. Takes a long time to get an Alpha ready for profits and the limitations are obvious but there’s no complaining when it’s free.

There’re certainly several degrees of difficulties I do appreciate about EVE. Although unlike you, I do not use drones, the missions and ratting are good distractions for a few hours a day.

That’s why I don’t go to reddit. It’s a cesspool of sticky stuff better left alone.

Haven’t read any article that alludes to that. The general public is generally stupid anyways.

I don’t know, I play the game for the game, not for the community. What happens outside my control I couldn’t care less.

Have you considered the (virtually impossible I’m sure) possibility that maybe you are an asshole?

I can be an asshole, yes. That’s doesn’t make everything i say or do mysteriously become an asshole move though.

his namesake is well known for hostile takeovers of various businesses over the years. Then you have the political stuff, where he basically took over the gop and turned the ship in a direction that they didnt want. Pretty sure his tv show was a hostile takeover of all sense of decency and civility too.

So none then, gotcha.

You do realize that he was annointed by God and sent to save mankind right?

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