Not very inviting

Well said. And I have found that even the most hardass of the forum posters will help if someone asks a intelligent question.


It’s been like that for at least the last 4 years. Sadly I don’t think that will ever change due to the nature of some of the regular characters who exist only to attack and torment people who comment / give their opinion on anything.

Totally agree.

I always end up regretting coming here to these forums. Which is as you suggest not a good thing for new player retention.

That too has sadly been the same for at least 4 years. Many of the ‘helpers’ either a) cannot even come close to remembering what it is like to be genuinely new b) are just there to brag about how much ISK they have (to an audience of people who have 100 ISK, lol) and c) are just there to troll.

All one can do is try to be the good kind of helper. There are enough of those. Just.


Sadly that is the approach for everything wrong with EVE both in game and out. Or to be more precise:

‘it has always been bad, it’s supposed to be bad, and if you don’t like bad, GTFO and play Hello Kitty Online instead because EVE is not for you, you snowflake person you’.

Having this attitude is a badge of honour in the EVE community and makes you a grrr arrg tough person who is so much bigger and better than all those little crybaby carebears who can’t handle EVE.

It’s institutionalized in EVE. It’s a source of pride. Good luck putting an end to that.

EDIT: and believe it or not I wrote this before reading any other replies, and am now tempted to go back and quote everyone who pretty much said what I put here (in so many words). But I can’t be bothered and you’ve probably read them all yourself already anyway.



“Eve has always been awesome. Just like the forums are great. If you don’t like how wonderful all the Eve things are, then perhaps you don’t know how to appreciate them. Maybe you just need more time to get used to them, since you are not being treated like you deserve a trophy just for creating an account. Or perhaps Eve and the forums aren’t a good fit for you. If that is the case then we, the aficionados, would appreciate it if you do not advocate for massive changes to make the game and the forums the same bland, flavorless junk that can be found almost anywhere else.”


Exactly my point.

You could have saved yourself all that typing and just quoted me.

You used the words “wrong” and “bad” - I wasn’t about to quote that.

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Of course you weren’t.

You wouldn’t have proved my point if you had.

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It is only proved in your own mind.

The thing I wonder every day is why all these people that don’t like Eve and the forums end up posting so much on the Eve forums.


I’d guess they are hopelessly optimistic and perhaps a little naive.

You know, carebear stuff.

Good thing they don’t end up sticking around right?

We don’t want ‘their’ kind around here.


If an answer boils down to “don’t read it then” or “don’t play it then” then all you’ve really done is proven my point. I don’t have a problem with the game or its harshness, I don’t have an issue with how people interact with each other in game, it’s part of the harshness.

I DO have a problem with how people interact with each other on the official forums and in the official rookie channel. Those are two very different things, it’s like people can’t differentiate between the two and just go into some automated “he’s just a hater” response. Which, again, really just proves my point.


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To be fair, they probably can’t.

There is a lot of bleeding over of the very much allowed and encouraged toxic spaceship roleplay behaviour in game to here and to the help channel, as you have noticed. However I don’t think that’s because they don’t know the difference, I think that’s because they’re not actually roleplaying.

They are that.

That’s why EVE is the game for them and that’s why the forum and the help channel is the way it is. It’s not coincidental or accidental. EVE has had institutionalized toxicity built into it’s very fabric for well over a decade now, until, as I said, it has become a badge of honour, a status symbol and a matter of prestige.

You’re still judging behaviour here by societal norms or behaviour found elsewhere, I guess? Other games, other forums. Expecting to find some semblance of those norms in EVE.

EVE is not about that and a big chunk of the playerbase are proud of that, so they kinda have a point when they tell you to GTFO because EVEs very selling point to them revolves around EVEs lack of nice, safe, fair, kind - in game and out.

Now, I am well aware of this, and well aware it will never change. Threads like yours have come and gone with the same response for years and years, while the last bastion of people who play EVE entirely because it is what you have described continue to valiantly repel all carebear invaders.

I’ve compared EVE to the Mos Eisley space port before, both recently and on many previous occassions. It’s accurate. Now ask yourself do the regulars of the Mos Eisley Cantina, bearing in mind they go there every day for a drink with their buddies, think there is anything wrong with the Mos Eisley Cantina? Or do they perhaps think you walking into the Mos Eisley Cantina and having a problem with it is the problem? Of course they do.

It’s still the Mos Eisley Cantina either way of course.

Here you will only find people who proudly brag ‘I have the death sentence on twelve systems’ and perhaps one shouldn’t expect anything else if one walks into the Mos Eisley Cantina? You either like it there or you make a rapid exit after chopping someones arm off with a lightsaber.

Well, I enjoyed typing this even if no one enjoys reading it.

Good night.


Sounds like a bunch of posers to me, lots of big words but not actually dangerous or scary. Also I’m not going anywhere, I’m here to stay and fully intend to take advantage of others and/or blow them up. I’ll just do it with a bit of class.

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‘an elegant weapon for a more civilized age’
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Okay, okay, enough Star Wars. Really going now.


Sounds like your already as much of an A-hole as the rest of us.

Good luck with that in EVE.


You’re right the forums are not very inviting. They’re kind of like the rest of Eve, seemingly full of loud people who want to watch the world burn while others quietly put in the effort to keep everything going. The trick to enjoying the forums, and Eve in general, is learning who to tune out and appreciating the people who seem to know something about kindness and empathy. Good luck with your experiences in Eve and stay classy.


While I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment…

Posting on the forums is the same as undocking in game. You consent to forum pvp.

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Most of EVE is actually pretty welcoming in my experience. The only time people get rash is when an entitled child like OP waltzes in, announces that they’re new and have no idea what they’re talking about, but demands that we change the game to suit his subjective feelings. That’s a pretty great way to receive a harsh welcome.


Name names. Not too long ago there was a particular large hisec alliance who had been doing the spam-mail recruitment thing to pretty much pad their member numbers. If they are back doing that there are probably people who would like to know that and you’d be warning other newer players.

Im sure you will. Say…weren’t you complaining about elitism? hmm…


This gets spammed VERY often, if you block the in-corp character they use another, if you block the corp they use another in the alliance, if you block the alliance they’ll use a fresh corpless character that after the mail spamming apparently gets deleted and ends up in Doomheim. Setting CSPA doesn’t help.

I don’t mind recruitment, I mind spamming recruitment mails you can’t avoid unless you block EVERYONE as that makes the mail function rather useless.

I have not said nor implied anything like that.