Eve online REST API and Conky

Does anybody have any good examples of using Conky with Eve API to get server and player stats?

You are looking for the status ESI endpoint. Maybe just grab it periodically with Conkys execi variable?

execi and curl, variables on Conky are probably limited to procfs and sysfs as far as I am aware, the rest needs to be bash and Lua

Would be cool to have some Lua guages themed like Eve Onlime, like the capacitor level for battery and the dials around that etc.

Huh? I think it just spawns a shell. Does something like ${execi 30 curl -s "https://esi.evetech.net/latest/status/?datasource=tranquility" | jq -r '.players'} not work?

I am nowhere near technically competent enough to manage something like this, but the idea of having my conky applet show server status and some info from my character sheet makes me feel some very new and exciting emotions.

The funny thing is that I believe this was a a built in option once. But it has not been updated to use the new API.