Linux apps

Is there any Linux versions of apps using the Eve API?

Several apps (esp those hosted on github) provide their source code, so whereas they don’t necessarily provide the binaries, you could always compile and run them yourself. And then of course you could try to run them through Wine, etc.

Just because I want to fly on a spaceship doesn’t mean I want to build it

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PyFa would be one example.

Pyfa runs in Linux but ever since the change to ESI I have never gotten it to pull any character data through the ESI on Linux. It always gives an error. On windows I don’t experience that issue.

any of the python apps would run on a linux distro id think?

Works just fine for me. What kind of error are you getting, and does anything interesting happen in the terminal when you get it?

I don’t even mind if they have to use Mono if need be to port the apps (Eve mon for example).

Nothing happens in the terminal. A page spawns in the browser with this:

pyfa error

I did also try to use the “manual” option in the Pyfa ESI settings as recommended but the error still happens and there is nothing to paste in the window.

That error has persisted for me in Linux ever since Pyfa changed to the ESI. I have always kept Pyfa up to date but it doesn’t change the error.

Why pythonanywhere? Just run it in python from console like a civilized person. It’s kind of tricky figuring out what’s wrong if some fancy piece of middleware is hiding the output.

which Python :smug: we’re still trying to kill off Python 2

Maybe this year we get lucky

Fair point, fair point. Unfortunately I don’t think the Python 2 people are likely to switch as long as Python 3 isn’t as handy for command line tricks, but perhaps we could at least get more distros to declare 3 the standard…

They will if they want their code in distros and to work with distros, it’s already happening, from this year it’s Python 3 or bust

I launch it from the console with python3 and it runs fine. The Pythonanywhere site spawns only when trying the various methods of connecting to the ESI. There is no output in the console when that happens. Other than ESI import the Pyfa has no issues on this computer.

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