What Apps do you use

Since the api changes what apps are working and still useful?

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I use Neocom II, else only a few web pages (without login).

Mr Epeen’s Mind

It’s the only one that ever really mattered to me. But it’s a pretty unique application and not just anyone can get the password for it.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

EVE Online … CCP App
EVEMon 4.0.1
EVE Droid
Eve PI

all on Android


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Had Eve Droid since forever on my old Sony j26, it worked fine. Couple of days ago decided to update it (it’s probably been more then a year since the last time) and turns out the dev added adverts to the app. Well, I was okay with that. But the thing is, the app is just not working anymore on my device, it’s freezing all the time. Downloading the old version now…

The latest release of PYFA is working with ESI and SSO.

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I mainly use EveMon, PYFA and EFT.

However I also have Eve HQ downloaded too, just haven’t accessed it in a long time.

EVE Droid is working really fine on my devices … whats your android version?
just make sure that you use the version young enough for the ESI login

about the adverts: some of this adverts are for real money trading … for all who have no idea … buy ingame stuff for real money … thats a bit odd but well its the choise of the dev



Eve droid skillplans and all that crap fit inside my head instead

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